NewsLatin AmericaRoad accident in Nicaragua involving migrants leaves 16 people dead

    Road accident in Nicaragua involving migrants leaves 16 people dead

    Road accident in Nicaragua involving migrants leaves 16 people dead

    The National Police clarified the figures of the incident that occurred after the vehicle fell into an abyss on the slope of La Cucamonga, a dangerous route prone to fatal events. 13 of the victims were Venezuelans and there were more migrants whose final destination was to reach the United States.

    Last Wednesday afternoon, a bus carrying dozens of passengers fell into an abyss when traveling from the Managua area to the border that connects Nicaragua with Honduras, an event that left 16 fatalities (11 women and five men) and others 47 wounded, the National Police officially reported on Thursday.

    As detailed by the authorities, the vehicle fell on the sinuous slope known as “La Cucamonga”, in the province of Estelí. In addition, 13 of the fatalities are Venezuelan citizens, one was Nicaraguan and the other two have not yet been confirmed.

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    Most of the passengers were migrants aiming to reach the United States without documents, witnesses at the scene said.

    The police report indicated that the bus was speeding, collided with two private cars on the road and, out of control, fell into the void. The 46-year-old driver, Alfredo Palma, was transferred to the cells of the Estelí Police Department.

    The bus traveled from Managua to Jalapa -a municipality that is close to the border crossing between Nicaragua and Honduras- according to its cartel, but they will go deeper if it was a migrant vehicle.

    The Police also notified that the bodies were transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine, in the Nicaraguan capital, where they were diagnosed with severe head trauma and polytrauma.

    While the survivors were quickly taken to the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Estelí.

    “The National Police sympathizes with the families who have lost their loved ones in this serious accident and calls on drivers to respect Road Safety regulations,” the letter closes.

    In it, they highlight the reaction of the Emergency System that includes the Police, Civil Defense, the Ministry of Health, the Department of Immigration and Immigration, among others, to help the injured.

    Nicaraguan routes, including La Cucamonga, are frequent scenes of car accidents and are part of the obligatory route in the journey of migrants trying to reach North America.

    The Pan-American Highway is a central road with sections flanked by chasms or unstable walls and connects the Nicaraguan border with the rest of the territory.

    With EFE and AFP

    Source: France 24

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