NewsLatin AmericaHundreds of people demonstrate to commemorate the victory of Salvador Allende

    Hundreds of people demonstrate to commemorate the victory of Salvador Allende

    Citizens of the trans-Andean country spread out in front of the Presidential Palace of La Moneda to commemorate the triumph of the leftist in 1970. This happens a week before half a century of the coup d’etat led by General Augusto Pinochet, an event that marked history. From Chile. In the midst of an “electric” climate, as President Gabriel Boric called it, the president prepared – with the endorsement of his predecessors – a manifesto to unite Chileans.

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    Memory is refreshed in Chile, after this Monday, September 4, hundreds of citizens went to the Presidential Palace of La Moneda in reference to the anniversary of Salvador Allende’s electoral victory in 1970.

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    The event, which took place in the heart of Santiago, was attended by Isabel – Allende’s daughter, current congressman – and her granddaughter, Marcia Tambutti Allende. While President Gabriel Boric was also present, he greeted the attendees and entered La Moneda.

    “We cannot help but remember all the pain they caused, the disruption of democracy and the violent violations of human rights,” Tambutti said. The leftist’s granddaughter said that the meeting generated “mixed feelings.”

    “On the one hand, it reminds us of the 1,000 days of the Allende government that, despite being hard, were very full of light. On the other hand, also the pain brought by the dark mantle of the 17 years of military and civil dictatorship,” he added.

    Members of the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo, the Argentine civic group that was born in the 1970s, during the military dictatorship of Jorge Rafael Videla, also attended the Presidential Palace. “I am happy to share this moment that shows how the Chilean people surprise us, how they move forward. I don’t think they will stop demanding justice,” said Maria Adela Antokoletz, one of the founders of the group.

    This demonstration takes place a week before the 50th anniversary of the coup d’etat perpetrated by General Augusto Pinochet against the Allende government in 1973, which has focused all the attention of the Chilean population.

    Throughout the 17 years of the military in power, some 40,175 people were executed, detained, disappeared or tortured as political prisoners, according to the Ministry of Justice and collected by different commissions.

    The anniversary of the coup, at the center of the scene

    Chile is preparing for memorial events due to the rise of the military leadership to power in 1973, a sensitive issue for the population. In that sense, the current president, Gabriel Boric, described as “electric” the atmosphere that exists due to the proximity of the date.

    The president has prepared a declaration of commitment to democracy that has had the approval of his predecessors, Michelle Bachelet and the right-wing Sebastian Pinera. However, the desire for it to be a joint demonstration with the other political forces seems to be fading.

    ‘Chile Vamos’, a traditional right-wing space, and the far-right ‘Republican Party’ rejected any possibility of subscribing to Boric’s proclamation. The president of the conservative Independent Democratic Union (UDI), Senator Javier Macaya, repeated his refusal to “participate in milestones that generate more division.”

    The other side was the previous heads of state of Chile. Bachelet met this Monday, September 4, with Boric. The former United Nations official and two-time president of Chile said she was “happy” with the copy of the declaration which she hopes to “sign the moment she decides.”

    “I couldn’t understand that someone would withdraw from an agreement like that, what they seek is to unite us, not separate us,” he added. Bachelet described the controversy over the date of Pinochet’s military coup as “toxic.”

    Last week, Boric also got together with Pinera in an attempt to seduce the most conservative spaces in the country. The former president was willing to support the leftist’s statement and called to “unite all Chileans and not divide them.”

    For the commemoration of the next September 11, where there will be a large citizen event led by Boric, international leaders will arrive in Chile. The presidents of Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Uruguay, the prime minister of Portugal and the leader of the Federal Council of Germany stand out on the list.

    In addition, the Chilean Foreign Ministry confirmed the presence of former presidents such as the Colombians Juan Manuel Santos and Ernesto Samper, the Costa Rican Laura Chinchilla, the former president of the Spanish Government Felipe Gonzalez and the Uruguayan Jose Mujica.

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    Source: France 24

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