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    French people killed in Mexico: families issue a “cry of alarm” to repatriate the bodies

    The bodies of Assya Madjour and her husband Michel, a French couple, were found on November 5 in their hostel in Valladolid, in the Yucatan region, on the eastern tip of the Mexico.

    It is a real “cry of alarm” that the families of Assya Madjour and her husband Michel are launching to the Mexican authorities. Nearly eight months after the discovery of the bodies of this couple in their hostel in Valladolid, in the Yucatan region, on the eastern tip of Mexico, their relatives are facing total immobility preventing them from repatriating the remains.

    “We cannot bury our loved ones, we cannot mourn,” breathes these two families.

    Missing for two months

    Assya Madjour and her husband Michel, aged 50 and 57 respectively, met a few years ago. Quickly, they had decided to settle in Mexico, where the first had already lived, and where the second already lived. The couple first settled in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo. In 2020, they had moved to Valladolid, to take over a hotel there.

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    On September 26, the families of this French couple from the Basque Country reported their disappearance. Their last message sent was then dated September 12. Relatives then think of a kidnapping. But on November 5, two bodies were discovered, buried in the couple’s private “cenote”, a natural cave in which he had built a swimming pool, according to a relative of the couple.

    Two days later, two men were arrested. One of the two men arrested would be a “former mason” of the couple, who worked in their hotel, to whom they would have “lent money so that he could set up his own business, according to this close friend of the couple.

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    “It’s inhumane”

    Since then, “we are not told anything”. “The authorities do not issue us with a death certificate, which would allow us to repatriate the bodies”, deplore the two families reunited. “It’s not moving forward, despite the help of the French consulate in Mexico. It’s inhuman for us, we can’t do anything,” says the couple’s relative.

    “Today is a call for help,” says relatives, hoping to move things forward.

    Source: BFM TV

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