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    First year of Pedro Castillo: a government marked by political instability

    This Thursday, July 28, the president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, celebrated his first year in office. Date on which he gave a speech to the nation to take stock of his management over the last 12 months. Castillo’s government has been marked by high disapproval of his management, multiple judicial investigations against him and the instability of his cabinet. What is the balance of Castillo’s management after a year in office? We analyze it in this edition of El Debate.

    During almost two hours of speech, the Peruvian president offered the achievements of his Government: he spoke of the beginning of several infrastructure works and the planning of others that will begin in the near future; Regarding foreign policy, he highlighted the trade agreement reached between Peru and Singapore, as well as various social programs.

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    For some sectors, there are no convincing achievements or results in Castillo’s administration, others affirm that he missed an opportunity to disassociate himself from acts of corruption and strengthen his image among the public. For his part, the president indicated that there is an adverse scenario for his management, but he was willing to join forces with other political sectors to work for the country.

    Throughout this year, Castillo has had a complex relationship with the media: on one occasion he called them a “joke.” In the middle of his speech, the president told the media not to tell the truth and ignore his achievements.

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    What is the balance of the management of Pedro Castillo as president of Peru? What are the positive aspects? Will there be tranquility in the midst of the political uncertainty that the country has been experiencing for several months? Will Castillo manage to improve his image and advance his government plans? Will his term end or is another vacancy brewing? We analyze it together with our guests:

    – Milagros Campos, professor at the Pontifical Catholic University and the San Martín de Porres University.

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    – Roberto Chiabra, congressman from the Alliance for Progress party.

    Source: France 24

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