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    Defense of Jeanine Anez, former interim president, asks to review the 10-year prison sentence

    The group of lawyers defending Jeanine Anez asked to review the ten-year prison sentence against the former interim president of Bolivia, which was confirmed by a court this weekend. While the process is taking place, Anez has been in preventive detention since March 2021 accused, among other crimes, of sedition and terrorism.

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    The defense of the former interim president of Bolivia, Jeanine Anez, confirmed this Sunday the sentence that was applied to her this week by a local court. Anez was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the way in which she agreed to the Presidency of the South American country, according to the EFE agency.

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    One of the members of Anez’s defense team, lawyer Luis Guillen, stated that they will request a review of the legal conclusion, assuring that they had detected contradictions. In addition, Guillen assures that the document, of more than 300 pages, breaks down “elements that have already been appealed.”

    In this file image, Luis Guillen, the lawyer for the former president, Jeanine Anez, speaks to AFP about his client’s case. Guillen, along with other lawyers, make up the defense team of the former head of state. © AFP – Jorge Bernal

    The defense attorney referred specifically to some points. Among these, it stands out that the current ruling, according to Guillen, “rules out the crime of breach of duties”, included in a previous ruling.

    The legal team assured that among the steps to follow is the presentation of an “appeal for clarification.” This procedure has the objective of specifying whether the new sentence released or eliminates a specific crime (non-compliance), which will allow the defense to insert a new appeal.

    What is Anez accused of?

    The former president is involved in the case known as ‘Coup d’etat II’. One that was formulated by the Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of the Interior and the State Attorney General’s Office. These government entities affirm that Anez improperly assumed the Presidency after the political crisis that took place in the country after the resignation of Evo Morales.

    File image of the former interim president of Bolivia Jeanine Anez.

    File image of the former interim president of Bolivia Jeanine Anez. REUTERS – DAVID MARKET

    Her lawyers defend the hypothesis that Anez became the first magistracy in her capacity as second vice president of the Senate after the resignation of the country’s leadership, including the parliamentary leadership.

    Human rights organizations such as the Bolivian Office of the UN High Commissioner for these matters (Oacnudh), as well as the United Nations Special Rapporteur for the Independence of Judges and Lawyers, have criticized the judicial process that has been carried out against the former head of state.

    On one occasion, the Oacnudh declared that there was an “excessive use” of the preventive detention measure against the accused, while the rapporteur for the Independence of Judges declared that the former interim president is responsible for a trial of responsibility for having occupied the position senior.

    Anez is still behind bars as a protection measure for the ‘Coup d’etat I’ case. In this he is accused of sedition, conspiracy and terrorism in the framework of the 2019 crisis.

    Others prosecuted for the ‘Coup d’etat’ cases

    Local media such as the newspaper ‘La Razon’, detail that the Bolivian Justice ratified the sentence of several soldiers related to the ‘Coup d’etat’ case. The sentence of eight years and nine months in prison was ratified for two commanders, both being prosecuted for absenteeism. The defendants were Yuri Calderon, from the Police, and Williams Kaliman, from the Armed Forces.

    The newspaper also echoed the sanction against Sergio Carlos Orellana Centellas, former Commander-in-Chief of the State Armed Forces, and Jorge Elmer Fernandez Toranzo, former inspector of the Armed Forces. The two have also been accused of rebellion and will face a sentence of six years in prison.

    With EFE and local media

    Source: France 24

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