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    Kenya: Will the Deputy President discarded from Jubilee party following Tuju’s directives?

    Jubilee secretary general Rafael Tuju has today recommended a direction to the National Executive Council (NEC) of the party to strip Deputy President William Ruto of his official duties as the party deputy leader. This comes after a series of the DP constant absence in the parties proceedings and the events of Thursday at their headquarters that raised eyebrows among party cohorts.[1]
    The management committee came to this decision after the Deputy President held an official opening yesterday with a fraction of the jubilee leaders who are affiliated to the ‘tanga tanga’ side of the party and also strong allies of the Deputy President. The party’s Secretary-General Tuju termed these actions as crossing the line. He cited that the party has been closely monitoring Ruto’s recent actions and they are now convinced he has gone way out of line and is not fit for the role of deputy leader.

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    “We have noticed a provoked and despicable abuse of former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta by political allies of the Deputy party leader and the subsequent response by Honorable Ruto that exhibited not an ounce of contrition,” Tuju said during a media brief.

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    Kenya: The DP Ruto holds a hustler meeting after failing to attend the Covid-19 confrence
    The head of state and The Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga prevailing alliance has prompted a rift between Ruto and President Uhuru Kenyatta and this was evident after he failed to attend the COVID-19 conference held at KICC earlier this week. Tuju condemned the DP’s recent campaign strategies stating that these actions are an open defiance to the president as it was a little too early to start the 2022 presidential campaigns. He also contended that Ruto has openly exhibited disrespect to the party leader and his meeting on Thursday proved so, affirming that it almost ignited a confrontation between mp’s who are allied to the president.[2]
    “It took scaled persuasion to prevent the other group not to descend on the party headquarters for a confrontation that may have turned very ugly ” Tuju substantiated.

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    Kenya: The government eases Covid-19 Containment measures
    Rafael Tuju has also barred the MPs from using the party’s headquarters for Ruto’s campaign objectives citing that the Dp is a self-declared presidential aspirant come 2022. He said that the center will not be used to intimidate any probable opponent or the party’s staff. According to him, Ruto opened offices of a rival faction labeled Jubilee Asili that was only restrained to him and his allies stating that this should be discussed further at the National Executive council.
    While Tuju was addressing the press, Ruto and some of his allies were attending a burial of Tergat’s mother Esther Toyoyi a famous marathoner in Nakuru county. As the events transpired concurrently, some of the members lashed out at Tuju’s remarks and pledged to continue with the party’s proceedings and going to the house like before.
    Ruto had very little to say on the matter but promised to keep at it with the hustler movement. His allies however had plenty to say on the subject. “Tuju is an ODM sympathizer who does not need to be in jubilee he is the main cause of confusion in Jubilee. He said that Ruto’s allies are fraud, he should be ready as starting from Monday I am moving into the jubilee house” said Senator Susan Kihika.
    Her counterpart Murkomen seconding her opinion asked the president to fire Murathe and Rafael Tuju if his intention of uniting Kenya were pure and genuine. He condemned those against Ruto for disrespecting the office of the deputy president calling them decisive elements.
    “If you want to spread the gospel of uniting Kenya start by uniting jubilee” he called out the president.

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