NewsKenyaMutua Voices Out Concerns Over Musalia Mudavadi alleged Stealing His Political Strategies

    Mutua Voices Out Concerns Over Musalia Mudavadi alleged Stealing His Political Strategies

    The governor of Machakos Country has recently raised concern over Musalia Mudavadi  the Amani party leader for stealing his political ideas. Took to social media to air  his complains.He and his supporters have recently noted a series of actions depicting Musalia copying his style and concepts.

    Mutua indicts that Mudavadi has lately been stealing his idea in hopes to gain more voters come 2022 .In the last one year he has noted that whenever he  decided to go public with a strategy or sometimes points of his manifesto, Musalia would  appear some few weeks later with the same idea and concepts..[1]

    The two have declared their interest in running for elections in 2022 and are both eyeing the presidential seat.The both sound excited to share their manifesto with their supporters in hopes to garner more votes come 2022. He however stated that he had noted Mudavadi uses his concepts during his political campaigns that well matche’s his. He says now afraid to go public with their idea fearing that Mudavadi will soon try Copying them.

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    In his own words, he pointed out a few instances where he felt like Musalia copied him. He said during his speech publicizing his interest in running for 2022 he used a phrase “safe pair of hands”. Meaning he was experienced at both the National and the County level and he was the perfect candidate for the seat. A couple of weeks later Musalkia used the same phrase for a similar reason.

    He also noted that Mudavadi had started using slangs ‘Sheng while addressing youths in his social media account as he ‘struggled to use the language’.He claims the idea of using them is his strategy and Mudavadi just followed suit.[2]

    Hitting out at the Amani leader Musalia, he says Kenyans need an innovative leader who think for themselves and who can come up with their own creative ideas and not copycats. He openly tells the leader to leave his ideas alone.

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    Musalia however has not spoken anything about it. The last he was spotted public was on September 22 while addressing the issue on gender parity. He talked on parliament dissolution not being a solution since there are no laws on what happens after parliament is dissolved. He adds that his party will not support any changes on the constitution if the government failed to address Kenyans concerns[3]

    He clearly stated his stand on the matter of dissolution. Citing that we are in difficult times as a country as we are facing numerous challenges including huge debts and being in an economically drained state. He has since not commented on any issue since.

    The Governor however seemed to have a bone to chew with him today. He further pointed out his allegations  are out of respect and he recognizes him as a more decent leader compared to many others. The governor also spoke of other leaders whose names he did not mention and how they copy his idea related to his stand against corruption.

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    “My idea has been taken by others  as if they are their own from  the concept of  lifestyle audits  to discussing the cleaning of corruption money using churches My ideas of transforming Kenya have been repeated by others as their original ideas”,he added

    He has since attracted many mixed reactions from people on the internet telling him that the slang is not owned by any individual and anyone is free to use it. Others simply agreed with him and supported his statements. Musalia is yet to respond to Mutua’s allegations although his team came out to defend him saying  ” safe pair of hands “was initially Musalias phrase back in 2013. 

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