NewsKenyaKenya: The government eases Covid-19 Containment measures

    Kenya: The government eases Covid-19 Containment measures

    Yesterday came as a sign of relief after the government eased more COVID-19 containment measures. This came as good news to business owners after the president reduced curfew hours and allowed the commencing of other shut down businesses like bars and eateries. The curfew will now be enforced from 11 pm to 4 am every day for the next months.[1]

    The COVID-19 conference that was held in KICC came as a blessing too many business owners as the majority of the containment measures were eased. He however remains firm on other sectors like education and bars.

    The head of state commenced the 12th National Covid-19 conference at KICC posing five questions to the congregation that attended. He described the pandemic as a ‘known unknown’ explaining that the country knows the effect of COVID -19 and how to contain it but it is not easy to predict the future.”The new normal in Kenya can only be defined as a known unknown that is we know the effect of COVID destruction and we know the kind of havoc it has wrecked and can wreck but we don’t know how the disease will move in the future and what will unfold” he said.

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    Uhuru Kenyatta explained why it became a necessity to shut down the economy and close down schools owing to the fact that the pandemic stroke Kenya and the world as a surprise. He was contended on how the disease facility rate had dropped immensely since June for!m 13% to 7% in August and is currently at 4.4%. He however warned Kenyans not to celebrate the fact that the country is now below 5% positivity rate a figure recommended by the World Health Organization for reopening and said he would not think twice about closing again if at all the disease proceeded to spread.[2]

    He eased a couple of curfews protocols observed across the country but extended it to a further 60 days. He extended the commencement of dusk to dawn curfew hours from 9 pm to 11 pm and end at 4 am every day. He said these rules will be effective immediately start to operate from September 29.

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    The president lifted the prohibition on the operation of bars and the sale of alcoholic drinks by normal eateries and bars. The lift will be effective from the 29th of September 2020. He however remained strict with the operation hours of opening and closing.” All bars restaurants and eateries will be closing at 10 pm every day “.He added that only bars that will follow protocols and measures posed by the ministry of health will be allowed to operate.

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    On the question of religious gatherings the president increase the number to one and a third from it’s usual sitting capacity but with strict adherence to buildings. In the spirit of social distance,the number of people attending funeral, weddings, and parties was also increased from an approximate of 100 to 200 people as the attendance. He however condemned politicians who according to him are at the frontline of defying measures placed by the ministry of health and urged them to take care of themselves.[3]

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    Kenyans have since expressed mixed reactions regarding the curfew. After the announcement made by the president on curtailing curfew hours Kenyans say that the president should have just dropped the nationwide dawn-dusk curfew and let business open and close at its usual time before the pandemic. Some condemned leaders who flaunted the rules but that authorities we’re strict ans stringent on common citizens. Most parents were however expressed their relief after the president announced that schools will not reopen anytime soon as the government needed to lay more safe measures to protect children and teachers against the disease.

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