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    Kenyan Senator Ledamma’s Marijuana Plantation

    With his long known support for Marijuana it did not come a surprise when Naroks Senetor Laddama posted a video on social media in a cannabis planation citing it’s perceived health benefits. On Tuesday, he went on to twitter to show the world his expansive Marijuana plantation.

    A video, he posted on his twitter account has gone viral showing one Naroks senator Ledama  in a marijuana plantation in Lithuania Europe asking Kenyan leaders to borrow European ways on the legalization of cannabis.

    “Ladies and gentlemen, this is crazy. Why is it that we in Kenya are still stuck with the old way of saying that this is an illegal drug…this is crazy…my host is telling me this is hemp which is used for construction and making ropes but it actually smells like weed, I might get out of here, high,” says Leddama.?[1]

    There has been questions surrounding the legalization of weed In Kenya and more members of parliament have openly  come out to say they smoke marijuana and therefore endorse for it’s legalization.

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    The late Okoth former kibras  member of parliament advocated for cannabis legalizationn and even presented a Controll bill back in 2018 .The president however dismissed the insistence he would pass the bill citing he had more important economic  issues to attend to.After the death of Ken Okoth , Nairobis governor Mike sonko had decided to take over what okoth was championing for..[2]

    The issue had died down till Tuesday afternoon when Naroks Senetor Ladamma decided go ahead and share a video encouraging the use of cannabis.He received a lot of support from citizens and backlash as well.

    How Does Weed Really help?
    Research has been conducted over the years to assess the importance of marijuana. According to the National Institute of health, medics have used cannabis to treat illnesses for over 3000 years. Although the use have prompted major public concerns over the implied side effects of marijuana, the question surrounding the topic has been vibrant in most African countries.[3]

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    The tension that surrounds the belief that marijuana is indeed an effective means of medication has prompted leaders and citizens around the globe to endorse the use of the plant. The medical usage of cannabis have been endorsed in the western countries sparking other leaders from other countries to champion for the topic.

    There is evidence depicting both the good and the bad aspect of the usage of marijuana. Despite the confirmation, more countries in Africa have shunned away from the topic of marijuana. Up to date the reviews of the plant remain negative.It is evident more research should be attributed to the plant and evaluate the usefulness and the health implications it may have.

    Is Africa Ready for Usage of Marijuana

    Quite a number of African countries have been seen to tap into the lucrative industry of Marijuana.This has seen reduction and relaxing of laws on cannabis. And Kenya is striving to be among them.
    Kenyan leaders and celebrities have been vocal on the matter .  However, little action has been taken towards the demand, leaders keep voicing for their demands to be heard.

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    The senator pointed out that , weed can be used in the health sector  for it’s vast benefits however it can also be abused.
    “But anyway, that’s not the issue. If this is good either to reduce the pain of cancer patients, and we know how cancer is killing people in Kenya, why not legalize it? What is so bad about it? We only live once. If this weed is good for us, lets legalize it. If it’s not good then let’s not allow other people in the world to plant it. All this is weed, and it is legal, damn! I would love to live here.” he said.

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