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    Kenya: I will opose constitutional reforms if its is proposed by Raila’s BBI: Ruto to Raila

    The DP Ruto on Saturday went on to twitter to respond to ODM’s leader Raila Odinga for accusing him of being a blockade to changes. Ruto is known for his opposition on BBI even after the president has maintained his decision to continuously champion the initiative. Ruto insists that he will continue to oppose constitutional amendments if it is frontiered by Raila’s initiative.[1]
    In a series of tweets on Saturday, Ruto cited that the beneficiary of political violence is not pleased with the Hustler slang and movement.”Tribalist leaders are pushing for reforms that will only be beneficial to themselves, their families, and their tribe. He says the hustlers are tired of the conversation and would want a different move that is not tribalistic configured but individualhustlersthat are tribeless.

    The DP tweeted that, micro-small and medium business owners should be empowered rather than leaders to go ahead discussing on how to share power admits themselves .He cited that the housing program posed by the jubilee government will areas jobs for over 2.5 million people and the government should focus the energy on the project rather than endorse Raila’s BBI that will provide job creation for only 5 prominent people.
    He also called outRaila for posing himself as powerful and owning the systems we’ll as the deep stateyou also pride yourself in God’s fathers. But we are the people, the hustlers nation and we have God the father please let us have a decent conversation. That is all we are asking for contemptuous remarks, insults and blackmail won’t workone of the tweet read.

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    While speaking in Diani, Raila called out the DP for trying to oppose the BBI initiative before it’s publication was completed. On Friday Raila had revealed that the final BBI report will soon be out after a few revisions. He promised he will not stand down on individuals with intentions to oppose the initiative. According to Raila, the DP and his allies are opposing the initiative without justified principals just to anger their rivals. He says they have not read the content of the current report and hence have no reason to be opposing it.
    His allies and Mombasa Governor Hasan Joho has been in support herthe BBI terming ruto as an attention seeker. He says ruto is using sympathy as a strategy to incite class wars by depicting himself as a normal middle-class man going against a crowd of powerful and wealthy politician.He further noted that Ruto, could not explain nor retarace the source of his wealth making him seem like a hypocrite for using the term ‘hustler’ to define himself.

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    His counterpart and Kwale Senator Issa Juma supported the statements saying Ruto was among the people who were strongly against the new constitution in the 2010 referendum. The former prime minister in support to this, added that in 2010 Ruto travelled across the country going against the new Constitution claiming that it was 20% defective. According to Raila, Ruto wanted the constitution amended before it was passed to a vote. Raila noted that now is the time for amendments and he can finally achieve what he was fighting for in 2010 but surprisingly he is one against the decision for amendments.

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    Expanding on the subject, Railla added that the reform proposals of the BBI report will be processed through the senate and politely asked the people of Kwale to let him plead with their leader to vote for his proposals in the senate proceedings next week.“My proposal is that since there is no more addition on the county allocation cash which remains at Sh 316 billion, we should use last years formula as CRA corrects the third generation formula that should be through before the start of the next financial year to avoid a similar stalematehe added..[2]

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