NewsKenyaCS Matiangi refute claims Huduma number will be used to rig elections

    CS Matiangi refute claims Huduma number will be used to rig elections

    Matiangi has refuted claims made by Ruto’s confederates that the government has plans to rigg elections obtaining data from huduma number system data. Ruto’s proponents suggest that the second phase of the registration is primarily an attempt to boot ruto out. There are claims that a foreign firm was privately hired to oversee the programming of the second phase and that the whole process will benefit the perpetrators. Matiangi says the theories set around such statements are untrue and those spreading the rumors are conspiracy theorists.[1]

    During a press statement, he confirmed that the database logistics are 100% funded by the kenyan government. He says the software designers and developers are all Kenyans. He also verified that the long-awaited huduma cards are all set for mass production and hopefully they will be ready by the end of the year.

    Earlier last week the Interior Ps Karanja Kibicho had appeared before the parliamentary committee and said thatt, there will be a second round for the application. In clarrity to the matter, he says the cards will be ready for mass production, and also those that applied for an e-card will get them by the end of the year. He also said those that missed out on the chance to apply due to mass turnout, will still get the chance to do so as it will be an ongoing process. He also assured Kenyans that their data is safe and will not be used in any unlawful way.

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    He confirmed to Kenyans that their information is safe and that there won’t be any possible ways to use the data acquired through the process because they had already cleared out a huge number of the information on their database. The CS advised Kenyans against believing false conspiracy theories whose main goal is to tarnish Huduma’s number’s legitimacy.[2]

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    Attending a Maasai community celebration in Kajiado the Dp steered the claims that the national administrative officers have plans to tamper with his presidential campaigns. He however did not mention anything to do with the government planning to rig elections using the huduma number system. He had a bone to chew with some county commissioner whose names he did not mention.He warned them not to involve themselves in politics rather focus on their jobs on government development programs.[3]

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    His counterparts however had a lot to say on the topic. Dp’s allies claim that using NIS secretive protocols was just, so they can cover up what the real intention is with the names. There are claims that the system funded foreign firms through the NIS.

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    Their sentiments on the subject have curtailed public certainty on the program. Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika questioned the legitimacy of the process claiming that their intention is to ravage public resources and use foreign firms to deter the outcome of the elections. Backing her statement Kikuyu Mp Kimani said the government had embezzled Covid-19 funds and still wants to use more money to fund a program that will enable them to rig elections come 2022. He says the program has no value to the common citizen, and he does not see why they should fund this project. And if at all there is are much cheaper ways to go about it.

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    The controversy surrounding the legitimacy of the Huduma number has been around for sometime. It is backed up with claims that the government has lost all the data collected during the first phase of registration. The government in its defense says that,there had been a case filed at the high courts earlier that slowed down the operations. But the interior ministry is doing something about it and it will be completed as soon as possible.

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