NewsKenyaAmnesty International Kenya files a Lawsuit Against CS Matiangi and Mutyambai

    Amnesty International Kenya files a Lawsuit Against CS Matiangi and Mutyambai

    The cops with no justification brutally beat up, injured and murdered innocent Kenyans who were having a hard time adjusting to the new normal  mostly due to the nature of their jobs. At least 10 people died in Nairobi in  the hands of the police in the first 10 days of curfew administration.

    The respondents of the case are the interior cabinet secretary Fred Matiagi, Inspector General of Police and the Attorney General after they failed to fulfill correct  directives while carrying out curfew restrictions.[1]

    “The motion also requested the government to refrain from enforcing the National Coroners Service Act, the Prohibition of torture Act, and the Victims Rights Act..These passed acts have not been implemented, but they were supposed to address human rights atrocities, “read the a nesty declarations.

    Amnesty Kenya stated that, the petition denounces the government’s failure by the state to initiate the National coroner Service Act. The enacted Acts were not operationalized. Yet they were put in place to stabilize humans rights. Kituo cha sheria and Haki Africa international justice mission have gone ahead to file a case in defense of victims that went through police brutality over the enforcing of COVID 19 Regulation.

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    They are also championing for the passing of laws that will safeguard Kenyans in the future  from outlawed killings and police brutality. They hope this move will help red What Happened During the Administration of COVID 19 Regulations use and limit police brutality cases.

    What Happened During the Administration of COVID 19 Regulations?

    The Kenyan police have had a previously contentious relationship with civilians. Human Rights Watch ( HRW) reported eight incidents of police killings in less than two months prior to the coronavirus pandemic apparently without reason.

    After The Head of state Passed rules to be observed to carb infection rise in the country.The police shot and injured people sometimes even before actual curfew time.There were instances  where police would break into people homes loot properties and extorted money unlawfully from Citizens.President Uhuru Kenyatta would latter  address the issue apologizing  .He wherever did not call on the brutality to stop.

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    In Nairobi March  25, the police were seen whipping and kicking and lumping people together putting a them at even a higher risk of contacting the disease.In Mombasa March 27, law enforcements were already dispersed in the streets more than two hours the usual curfew time.There is a video that shows how  people were lumped together and brutally abused. Use of tear gass and live bullets  was witnessed..[2]

    Human rights would get related incidents on other parts of the country everyday as the shooting and killings continued.Other leaders came out disagreeing with the way police used extensive force while admitting curfew restirions.But very little was done to stop the killings . Six months later Amnesty International Kenya annoiuunces that they will take action on behalf of all victims that faced or we’re affected by police brutality.Matiangi and Mutyembei to get charged for doing absolutely nothing to stop the killings.

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    Yet another case had already been filed by the Law Society against  Hillary Mutyambai, and the High Court has ruled the unlawful use of violence in the implementation of the 2020 Public Order (State Curfew) unlawful.

    The proposal also aims to: make a point that the way police handled citizens was unreasonable, irresponsible,  cruel, and inhumane. It also wants a statement that law enforcement has failed to meet its objective, that the three respondents and the state held accountable. An order for compensation is also required, as passed by the law.

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