NewsKenyaAlleged Assassination Plot Against Malala Is Untrue: Kinoti Wants Him charged!

    Alleged Assassination Plot Against Malala Is Untrue: Kinoti Wants Him charged!

    The Director of Criminal Investigations has gone ahead to refute the news that he had hired a hit squad to murder Kakamega’s Senator Cleophas Malala. He termed Malalas  allegations “incorrect, malicious, and ill-intended”

    He showed before the joint committee on Wednesday, September 23.Kinoti asked the committee to reprimand the one who stated the allegations and also asked Malala to send apologies for giving a false statement. He told the senate that after investigations, no proof was found pertaining him to the case.[1]

    This came after Malala’s statement in August that he felt he was under threat because of his opinion on the formulas used in revenue sharing  among counties. His county would have been one of the counties to benefit through the formulas. He however stood his ground and supported the losing counties that did not benefit from the formula.

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    The 14th of September Malala broke down in tears during a joint sitting committee meeting of Justice, Legal Affairs, and Human Rights and the National Security, Defense, and Foreign Relations. He insisted he feared for his life. He cried out to the board Chairman telling the comimitee he is afraid to walk in the streets knowing his life is in danger. And anytime people will try taking his life.He refuted the statement he might have   staged his arrest to gain sympathy.He refuted that he sent his pin to the cops.[2]

    “I am a young father and husband… It is very disheartening for people to sit in a corner and think they can take my life. I humbly request this committee and the Inspector General of Police to take note that I have said time and again my life is in danger. I have written enough letters and called offices in this Republic but they have not taken any action even to give me extra security,” said Malala as he cried.

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    Writing a letter to the DCI and the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai asserting that there was a secret group dubbed “Bravo Zulu Yankee” that  that he said was out to get him and perhaps injure him.

    “Based on evidence on record we find that allegations by Senator Cleophas Wakhungu Malala are untrue, malicious, false and ill-intended and therefore urge this committee to order the author of these allegations be charged with the offense of giving false information,” Kinoti said.

    Kinoti  told the board all the information he provided did not sum up. A hotel dubbed Eaton Hotel that was said was located in  Thika was one of the places mentioned where police officers allegedly met and schemed the  murder. Kinoti added that this inn does not exist. Also, the executive lounge at the DCI headquarters is non- existence. He explained that the senator had  not given any numbers or pictures of the contended group that was threatening him as he had stated earlier.

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    He informed the committee he immediately took action upon complaint and started the investigation. Investigators visited the National Police Service in search of the officers he had insisted to be trailing him. They did not find the names mentioned in the database.

    Kinoti dismissed statements  he may be involved in a cover-up maintaining that, they looked through all the possible facts and could not find any leads. Hillary Mutyambai and Kinoti were however asked why the senator was arrested and never charged.The response was that Malala had dismissed several summons to the court after defying  COVID-19 restrictions rules set to curb the spread of the disease.

    However, other committee members looking in to the arrest case of Malala and the other two senators said they did not expect much to come from the investigations. As suspects were investigating themselves.

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