NewsJournalists in Peru suffered 206 attacks during 2021

    Journalists in Peru suffered 206 attacks during 2021

    Journalists in Peru suffered 206 attacks during 2021

    During 2021, an electoral year and a change of government in Peru, the country’s journalists and media outlets suffered 206 attacksmostly threats and physical and verbal attacks, as reported this Friday by the National Association of Journalists of Peru (ANP).

    At the height of the electoral campaign, journalists suffered 30 attacks in April, 26 in May and 20 in June, while the presidential vote and the second round of elections between former right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori and the current president were taking place. leftist Pedro Castillo.

    The attack on journalists with higher incidence during the year it was the threat/harassment with 61 cases, followed by physical and verbal aggression with 58 and judicial intimidation with 31 incidents, indicated the ANP.

    There were also cyberattacks (15), stigmatizing speeches (15), obstacles to access to information (14), work problems (9), arrests (2) and a robbery.

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    The most frequent aggressors were civilians, who led 99 attacks; followed by the officials (41), Security agents (31), unidentified elements (25) and employers (10).

    In the cital city, Lima, 105 attacks were committed, a figure that the ANP considered a “historical record”, followed by the southern Andean city of Puno with 13 and the port province of Callao with five attacks.

    The targets of the attacks were the digital press (84 incidents), the television (54), written (35) and radio (33) press.

    The majority of victims were male journalists (115 cases), which doubled the number of attacks on women (55), and then it was the media itself (36).

    Among the most prominent cases are the threats on social networks suffered by the photojournalist of the newsper La Industria de Trujillo, Alí ​​Iván Orbegoso Cipra, for taking a photo of a police officer at the moment he was pointing his gun at a protester during the protests. of the agrarian strike in Chao, Virú province, La Libertad region.

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    In another case, the Fourth Criminal Chamber for Proceedings with Free Prisoners of the Superior Court of Justice of Lima notified the journalist Paola Ugaz of the acceptance of the peal filed by Carlos Abelardo Gómez de la Torre, who sued her for aggravated defamation demanding the payment of 2 million soles (half a million dollars) for repairs.

    Likewise, the former presidential candidate of Alianza Para el Progreso, César Acuña, denounced the journalist Christopher Acosta and the publisher Penguin Random House for defamation to prevent the publication of the book “Plata como cancha”, where he reveals his rise in politics after becoming a magnate of private education in the north of the country.

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    The ANP also reported the activities of the extreme right-wing radical group calling itself “La Resistencia” that generated 8 attacks on journalists at different times of the year, during the coverage of social protest or stigmatizing on social networks.

    This group was joined by other attacks by extreme right-wing radicals who promoted hate speech against journalists, such as the “cha tu caviar (catch a left-wing activist)” campaign, or the groups of retired soldiers who, also in protests and cyberspace, have attacked or stigmatized journalists.

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