NewsJoe Biden tests negative in a new COVID-19 test and ends strict...

    Joe Biden tests negative in a new COVID-19 test and ends strict isolation

    The White House reported that the President of the United States, Joe Biden, had tested negative on a new COVID-19 test and will end strict isolation.

    In a statement, Dr. Kevin O’Connor said that Biden had completed his treatment with the drug Paxlovid and that still no fever.

    O’Connor says that, given those factors and the pair of negative tests, Biden will suspend its “strict isolation” measures. In fact, Biden is scheduled to pear in the White House Rose Garden around noon on Wednesday.

    President Biden attended his meetings virtually.  Photo: EFE

    President Biden attended his meetings virtually. Photo: EFE

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    To protect his surroundings, according to the note, he will wear a mask for the next ten days.

    The White House announced last Thursday that Biden had been infected and last Saturday noted that, according to preliminary results, he “probably” suffered from the BA.5 variant of the Omicron strain, responsible for between 75 and 80% of infections of COVID in the United States.

    The president, who has received two doses of the vaccine and another two boosters, was treated mainly with the oral antiretroviral drug Paxlovid, a pill manufactured by Pfizer and authorized in the US for treat moderate cases of coronavirus in adults and older than 12 years.

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    A smooth illness for Biden

    From the moment of his infection, Biden’s doctors have said that the president has only suffered mild symptoms.

    After participating in a virtual meeting on the manufacture of computer integrated circuits, on Monday Biden indicated that “everything is going well” with medical tests that they have been doing to him every night.

    He also said that he has been sleeping better, and joked that his dog had to wake him up on Monday, the fourth day of the president’s quarantine.

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    “My wife is not here; usually she takes it out,” Biden stated. Shortly before 7 a.m., she said, she felt “the caress of my dog’s nose against my chest.” First lady Jill Biden has been to the family home in Delaware while the president remains isolated in the White House.

    Biden said his voice was still scratchy and he still had a stuffy nose, but he is on track to be “fully recovered, God willing.”

    “I don’t have the same schedules, but I am attending to all the requirements that come to me,” he said.

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