NewsJoe Biden said that Vladimir Putin is an "outcast" who "is losing"...

    Joe Biden said that Vladimir Putin is an “outcast” who “is losing” the war with Ukraine

    The US president assured it from the White House after the failed rebellion of the Wagner group.

    US President Joe Biden said that his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, he is an “outcast” who is “losing” the war in Ukrainebut that it is too soon to know if it has been weakened by the failed rebellion of the Wagner group.

    “It is clear that is losing the war“Biden told reporters at the White House before boarding the helicopter to head to Chicago, where he will give a speech on his economic proposals.

    A journalist asked the president if Putin was weaker after the armed mutiny of the Wagner group, to which the American leader replied: “I know it is, yeah“.

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    In addition, before another question, Biden said that it is “difficult” to know how the riot has affected Putin, but considered that “he is clearly losing the war.”

    Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Photo: AFP

    “He is losing the war at home. He’s an outcast all over the world“, stressed the president.

    The Wagner Group is a Russian private security company owned by Yevgeny Prigozhin, contracted by the Kremlin for the war in Ukraine.

    A group of soldiers from the Group, led by Prigozhin, launched an uprising last Friday and after declaring themselves in absentia they occupied the city of Rostov on the Don and sent four columns towards Moscow.

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    A day later, the leader of the Wagner group himself announced his withdrawal, after the mediation of the Belarusian leader Alekandr Lukashenko, and the return of his combatants to the permanent bases. Following an agreement with the Kremlin, Prigozhin moved to Belarus and there can be no charges against him.

    Prigozhin stressed on Monday in his first statements after the failed mutiny that he only sought to save the private military company from dispearance and not change power in Russia.

    Last Monday, Biden stated that he had been in contact with the “key” allies of the United States to coordinate their response and ensure that the Russian president did not blame them for what hpened. He also pointed out that he spoke on Sunday with the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelensky.

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    On Monday, through a video released by the Kremlin, Putin said he had stopped “a bloodshed,” referring to the riot that ultimately failed.

    “They wanted the Russians to fight each other,” Putin said. “They rubbed their hands dreaming of revenge for their failures at the front and during the so-called counteroffensive. But they miscalculated, ”he insisted, thanking the Russian army.

    The Russian president spoke hours after Prigozhin made his first remarks since Saturday. The mercenary leader had said his rebellion was a protest against a new law that would force his fighters in Ukraine to sign government contracts by July 1.

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