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    “It has no analogues”: Putin visits an art school in Crimea on the anniversary of its reunification with Russia (VIDEO)

    The educational center, equipped with advanced equipment, plans to admit more than 800 students this year.

    The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, visited this Saturday an art school for children in the Chersonese Historical and Archaeological Park, in the city of Sevastopol, on the occasion of the 9th anniversary of reunification of the Crimean peninsula with Russia.

    The governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, stressed that the art school is “an incredible project” that “has no analogues” in the country. It is planned that more than 800 students will begin their training this year at the school, which, together with the Korsun center, was raised in record time. It is expected that by 2027 the figure will exceed 1,300 students.

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    The governor indicated that there will be five main programs (Design, Architecture, Arts and crafts, Choreography and Theater Art), although there will also be general courses, such as ceramics, roman mosaics, stained glass windows and others. In total, the school has 40 classrooms equipped with advanced equipment covering a total area of ​​9,000 square meters.

    The director of the school told RIA Novosti Crimea that will admit children between 5.5 to 18 years old. Likewise, he explained that they will give preferential welcome “on equal terms” to minors whose relatives participate in the special military operation in Ukraine.

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    Although student intake has not started yet, due to licensing procedures, by the end of this spring the first students will be able to attend classes.

    • He March 18, 2014 A treaty on the reunification of Crimea with Russia was signed in Moscow, which entered into force on March 21 of that same year after being ratified by the Russian Federal Assembly.
    • The reintegration of Crimea became a reality after a popular referendum in which 96.77% of voters expressed themselves in favor of reintegration.
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    Source: RT

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