NewsIsraelIsrael announces "biggest strike" against Hamas since 2014

    Israel announces “biggest strike” against Hamas since 2014

    The Israeli Army has reported hitting several targets and terrorist operatives in the Gaza Strip in response “to hundreds of rockets in the past 24 hours,” in what has been “the largest strike since 2014,” while the Palestinian Health Ministry has reported the death of 35 people as a result of the violent clashes.

    Attacks between Israel and the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) have continued in the early hours of Wednesday morning with a latest massive bombardment of 110 rockets from the Gaza Strip against Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion airport, while Israeli forces have also claimed to be attacking targets in the enclave.

    The Israeli army said that more rockets have been fired at the capital since 3 a.m. local time and families have been woken up and taken to bomb shelters.

    “Gaza terrorists are firing rockets non-stop while civilians in central and southern Israel spend the night in shelters to protect themselves from the launching,” Israeli forces have asserted via their Twitter profile.

    Separately, Israeli media have indicated that loud bangs have been reported in the city and that initial reports indicate that several of the rockets have been intercepted. Rockets have also been fired early this morning at Ascalon and Modiin, reports ‘The Times of Israel’.

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    In this new series of fire from Gaza into central and southern Israel, four people have been killed, reports ‘The Jerusalem Post’, two of them by a rocket that hit their home in Lod, including a seven-year-old girl, an incident in which a third person was seriously wounded. Two other civilians were killed as a result of the attack.

    According to Yedioth, the armed wing of Hamas has said that the new rocket fire is in response to “continued Israeli attacks on civilian buildings and towers in the Gaza Strip”.

    In this regard, an Israeli army spokesman said that in recent hours they have hit several “important” Hamas targets and operatives in the enclave, which continues to attack.

    Among the buildings hit by the Israeli attacks, would be the Al Jawhara tower, of about eight floors and housing residential apartments, which, according to the Palestinian agency WAFA, has been hit by seven missiles launched by an Israeli fighter plane.

    In addition, the army has confirmed that it destroyed a nine-story building in Gaza that housed Hamas offices, including its intelligence center, its West Bank command and an advertising department. Before the attack, Israeli forces reportedly warned the building’s inhabitants to vacate the building.

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    An army spokesman also said that a plane neutralized two Hamas members who were participating in the rocket launching.

    Hours after the latest attacks, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) – the Army – reported via Twitter that its fighter jets, with the help of its intelligence services, have “neutralized key Hamas intelligence figures”.

    As they have detailed, they would have hit the head of Hamas’ military intelligence security department, Hassan Kaogi, and his deputy and head of the military intelligence counterintelligence department, Wail Issa. “It seems that our intelligence has been better,” the Army has added.

    In retaliation, dozens of police stations in Gaza have also been destroyed, witnesses have reported and ‘The Times of Israel’ reports, and Hamas has confirmed that its main police headquarters has also been destroyed. The IDF has also targeted the homes of three senior Hamas leaders, while two other leaders have been killed in targeted attacks.

    For its part, the Palestinian Ministry of Health has reported that 35 Palestinians have been killed since Monday, including 12 children and three women, while the number of wounded has risen to 233.

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    Israel would have rejected, on the other hand, the proposal put forward by the UN and Egypt for a cease-fire with Hamas, according to the Turkish news agency Anadolu and Israeli media. Allegedly, Egypt and the United Nations are working to stop the escalation of tensions since Monday.

    On the other hand, the spokesman for the Islamist movement Hamas, Hazem Qasem, in declarations to Sputnik, has celebrated the actions of Palestinians who “have rebelled against the occupation in Lod, Rahat, Acre, Umm al Fahm and other cities and towns in the territory of occupied Palestine”.

    “That represents solidarity with Jerusalem, Gaza and the West Bank which again confirms the unity of our people and the fact that Jerusalem is the most important national issue for each one of us,” the spokesman said.

    In the city of Lod, also affected by attacks from the Gaza Strip, a state of emergency has been declared and the army has intervened due to the severity of clashes between Arab and Jewish residents.

    Alex Dawit
    Alex Dawit
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