NewsIranIran gives US three months to lift sanctions, rejects nuclear deal dialogue

    Iran gives US three months to lift sanctions, rejects nuclear deal dialogue

    Iran nuclear deal: Iranian authorities have given the United States a three-month deadline to remove its sanctions against the country and reiterated that new talks on the 2015 nuclear deal are not necessary, but that Washington should return to the agreement after its unilateral withdrawal in 2018.

    Iran’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Mayid Tajt-Ravanchi, has indicated that this three-month deadline is a temporary framework agreed between Tehran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) following their latest pact to maintain inspections in the country.

    “If the sanctions are lifted in the next three months, Iran will act in line with its commitments,” he stressed in an interview with Qatar’s Al-Jazeera television network, which has published some excerpts before unveiling it in full on Friday, according to Iran’s Press TV.

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    Tajt-Ravanchi’s remarks came after U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price said Iran is “moving in the wrong direction” by scaling back its commitments to the nuclear deal in response to Washington’s withdrawal and its sanctions.

    “Our goal in all of this remains to seek an outcome in which Iran and the United States resume compliance with their commitments to the nuclear deal,” said Price, who insisted that “the most sustainable and effective way to place verifiable and permanent limits on Iran’s nuclear program is through a negotiated solution.”

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    “If Iran resumes full compliance with the nuclear deal, the United States will be prepared to do the same,” he reiterated, although he noted that this would be “a necessary but not sufficient step,” as Washington “would want to lengthen and strengthen the agreement.”

    Iran has rejected these US demands and have stressed that it was Washington that unilaterally withdrew from the nuclear agreement in 2018 and subsequently imposed sanctions on Tehran, so it demands that the United States be the one to return to the agreement before putting conditions. It has also refused to include its missile program in the negotiations.

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    The Iranian authorities have announced the withdrawal of their commitments on several points of the agreement, which has provoked fears among the other signatories of a possible collapse of the pact. However, Tehran has consistently argued that these steps can be reversed if the U.S. withdraws sanctions and returns to the agreement.

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