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    India: Why no one is listening to the screams of Hathras, in which the voice of the farmers lost

    Indians were reacting strongly to the abominable act of Hathras. The Hathras case is one of the major rape incidents in this country that received so much coverage. There is no doubt that the victim should get justice and the culprits should be punished severely. Every hour there are new updates on this matter. Due to this, the impact of the demonstrations related to the Farmers Bill (now Act) 2020 was seen to be over. After so many days, now the media’s interest has also gone away from this issue.

    A look at Farmers bill

    The Central Government has passed 3 bills in the Parliament regarding farmers, which is now also signed by the President. All three bills have become Amendment. According to the government prospective three bills and the claimed benefits are as follows: –
    1. Essential Commodities Amendment, 2020
    The government claims that with this bill farmers can sell their crops anywhere in the country and this will also cost less on marketing and transportation.
    2. Farmer Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitations) Amendment, 2020
    The bill would strengthen the sale of agricultural yields, form services, agricultural business processors, wholesalers, large retailers, and connect farmers with experts. With this, farmers will get seed, crop monitoring, and loan facility.
    3.Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement of Price Assurance and Farm Services Amendment, 2020
    The bill provides for the removal of cereals, pulses, oil seeds, edible oil, potatoes, onions, essential items from the list. This bill will enable farmers to get the right price as competition in the market will increase.

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    Fear of farmers

    The farmers and opposition parties have alleged that the government wants to end the Mandi system. They fear that the MSP(Minimum Selling Price) on crops is being abolished. Farmers fear that these traders are being saved from tax. Farmers are also being stripped of the right to go to court because the SDM will decide the disputes between him and the companies, he does not trust the people.

    Farmer protest and Tractor protest

    In many places, farmer organizations demanded permission from the government to agitate. But the government refused to agitate, citing Corona. The farmers did not listen to them and came out on the streets. Even in the fearful atmosphere of Corona, farmers started committing uproar on the roads. Tractor Protest was seen in Hariyana. About 200 farmers took to the streets with their tractors. However, in most places, the movement did not have much effect. Knowing that Corona considers this the main reason, people are still afraid to get out.

    It is taught in this country from childhood that India is an agricultural country. It is unfortunate for this country that the farmers who contribute the most to this country are not noticed. Sometimes even if the farmers draw their attention in the middle of all troubles, then this country waits for some other issue. Somehow there were talks about farmers in the country, in such situation the Hathras case caught the attention of the whole country.
    If you look at Hathras now, the media camera has now disappeared from there too. The media that was fighting the fight for justice in the case of TRP is probably lost somewhere in the search for justice. The Indian media has always been in the grip of the TRP anyway. But people felt that there might be different behavior from the media on this issue. The issue which had turned the camera on the farmers’ demonstrations, the issue is disappearing itself today. That village is empty today, but there are promises of justice left. The camera that took the picture of the burning pyre, today the media must be looking at a TRP issue hidden behind the same camera.

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