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    Shah’s response to RaGa’s allegations comes only from the deep past of the Congress party

    A few days ago, Congress’s Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi had launched a scathing attack against the new agricultural laws of the Modi government. During a protest against the agricultural laws in Punjab, he had fiercely targeted the Modi government while talking to journalists. In the same dialogue, Rahul Gandhi openly expressed his stand on the border dispute between India and China. He had said that if the Congress had been in power, it would have eliminated China in 15 minutes.

    On October 7, Rahul Gandhi said that “If we had been in power, China would not have dared to put its footsteps on our land. If we had a government, we would have picked up and thrown China out. Now he is waiting for Modi When will the work be done. When our government comes, the Indian Army will drive out the Chinese army in 15 minutes. ”

    Amit Shah, while giving his opinion on this statement, told Rahul Gandhi to learn from his own words.

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    Shah targeted congress

    Speaking to a private channel, Amit Shah said that the formula for expelling Chinese troops within 15 minutes should have been implemented in 1962 itself. If that were the case, India would not have to lose hands with several hectares of land.

    Shah accused the Congress that the then Prime Minister had even told on All India Radio ‘Bye-Bye Assam’. Now Congress should not teach on this issue. India lost a lot of its territory when Rahul Gandhi’s great grandfather was in power.

    Appreciation of Bihar Regiment

    The soldiers of the Bihar Regiment prevented Chinese troops from encroaching in the Galwan Valley of Ladakh on the night of 15 and 16 June. Amit Shah praised the soldiers of the Bihar Regiment for this. He said that “I am very proud of the soldiers of the 16 Bihar Regiment. At least during the tenure of the Modi government, we stood in the field and we fought. These soldiers bravely faced even in bad conditions and protected our country.”

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    At this time preparations for the elections to the Bihar Legislative Assembly are in the final stages. The BJP as well as other political parties are addressing election rallies with full force. Assembly election dates have been announced in Bihar in the last October and early November.

    Rahul Gandhi’s attack continues

    Here Rahul Gandhi is not ready to soften the Modi government. Rahul Gandhi continues to attack the Modi government over the falling economy and the state of coronavirus infection in the country. Recently, he shared the data of 10 countries on Twitter, in which facts have been given about the economy and corona.

    Sharing this comparative graph, Rahul Gandhi said that see how the economy is completely ruined and increasingly more people are infected. In the figures shared by Rahul Gandhi, India’s GDP has fallen the most and the most deaths per 10 lakh population have also occurred in India.

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    Amit Shah and other BJP spokespersons are always accused that they always try to hide their mistakes under the guise of past mistakes of Congress. The Modi government finds an answer to any Congress allegation in the history of the Congress rules. Rahul Gandhi, despite being in opposition, is blamed for how his ancestor ran this country. Congress appears to be very weak in this matter, on which the BJP leaders never fail to attack. But it is a matter of thinking that how long the Modi government will continue to answer the allegations leveled against it by counting the mistakes of 70 years of Congress.

    Sanjay Khan
    Sanjay Khan
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