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    Munger Violence: Election pressure and hooliganism of anti-social elements or arbitration of administration

    The first phase of the Bihar Assembly was to be held on October 27. On the night of 26 October, unarmed devotees were lathi-charged by the police and allegedly fired at them during immersion of the Durga statue near Deendayal Chowk in Munger. Munger district is located about 200 kilometers from Patna, the capital of Bihar. Many such videos are going viral on social media in which policemen are seen waving arms in hands, firing sounds are coming. A lot of people are sitting in front of the Durga statue in fear and the police are throwing sticks at them. In this entire case, a young man has died of bullet injuries and 6 people are hospitalized.

    The accusation of local people

    Badi Durga statue immersion in Munger is celebrated with much fanfare and is quite famous in the whole area. People from nearby cities come in large numbers on this occasion.

    Locals have alleged that “this violence has happened due to the arbitrariness of the administration. The next day was the election, due to which the administration was in a hurry. The immersion of other Durga idols of the city was to be done, for which the police were pressurizing for the quick immersion of ‘the Badi Durga’ idol. But it is a tradition that only 32 Kahars together pick up the idol of the great Durga after which immersion occurs. The police were not ready to accept it. Due to the voting in Munger, the idol immersion order was heard on Navami day i.e. October 25, people were not happy about this. But the representatives of the worship committees negotiated with the administration and fixed the time for October 26. It was happening in the city in the guardianship of administration. But in a hurry, the administration tried to immerse the idol of Durga Mata by lifting it from the JCB machine. After this, the local people were not ready and the matter got entangled. Police started firings and lathi-charge, in which a young man was killed instantly and 6 people were injured.”

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    What does the local administration believe?

    On this matter, the DM of the place Rajesh Meena had said that the police did not fire bullets. Rather, 6 people have been injured by bullets of local elements and investigations are on.

    SP Lippi Singh is the biggest accused in the entire case. Before this incident, Lipi Singh was known as the Robinhood of Munger. After taking over as SP of Munger, she was welcomed with great expectations by the people there. People believe that there has been a decrease in crime after his arrival. But after this incident, the locals are most angry with Lipi Singh. Some people are comparing her to General Dyer. News agency ANI tweeted Lipi Singh’s statement stating that “During the Durga Puja immersion, some anti-social elements started stoning and 20 policemen got injured. Someone fired in the crowd causing one person to die. But the situation is under control.”

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    Election Commission took action

    The Election Commission took major action because of the Assembly elections in Bihar, as SP Lippi Singh and DM Rajesh Meena were removed with immediate effect. The Election Commission has ordered Magadh Commissioner Asagba Chuba Aao to investigate the matter. Within 7 days, he has been instructed to submit the report. The Election Commission also ordered the appointment of new DMs and SPs in Munger, the process of which was completed.

    Even after this, the anger of the people there did not lessen, people protested in many places in the city, many police posts were set on fire. After the uproar, the police have alleged that the miscreants broke into the police station and vandalized and stole cartridges and weapons. The Commission sent an alert regarding the preparations for the second phase. According to the administration, the situation was brought under control

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    Lowest voting in Munger in the first phase

    Corona’s impact was neither reflected in the preparations for the Bihar Assembly elections nor the voting. But the first phase of voting was affected due to the Munger violence. The violence took place in Munger the day before the vote. Due to this, only 47.36% of voting was held in Munger this time. Munger had a total turnout of 52.27% in the last assembly election.

    Sanjay Khan
    Sanjay Khan
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