NewsIndiaMore than 100 killed by heavy floods in India and Nepal

    More than 100 killed by heavy floods in India and Nepal

    At least 131 people have died and dozens are unaccounted for in India and Nepal as a result of heavy flooding in recent days in both countries.

    In Nepal, which has recorded numerous landslides, 77 people have been reported dead and 26 missing, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs, which warned that the figure exceeds the number of fatalities detected after the first month of this year’s monsoon rainy season, when 61 people died.

    This week’s rainfall has been blamed on cyclonic conditions in the Bay of Bengal on India’s east coast. The trend, according to authorities, has been increasing after July.

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    The government has attributed these “aberrant monsoons” to climate change, as reported by ‘The Kathmandu Post’. “We have experienced extreme heavy rains that can only be related to climate change. We are witnessing a huge amount of rain in a very short time, resulting in loss of life and property,” said Bed Nidhi Janal, spokesperson of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority.

    Between mid-June and October, 136 people have died in the country, while another 45 are still missing and 144 have been injured in rainfall and flood-related events.

    The Prime Minister, Bahadur Deuba, has announced that more aid will be provided once the damage caused by the floods in various parts of the country has been analyzed, according to the newspaper ‘The Rising Nepal’.

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    To this end, he said, the government has taken measures to address the losses caused by the rains. “This is an irreparable loss for Nepal and I will inspect the affected areas,” he stressed.

    In India, meanwhile, the death toll from heavy rains this week has risen to 54. Among the dead – all of them registered in the state of Uttarajand, in the north of the country – most of them have perished in the district of Nainital, the most affected.

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    In Champawat, another eight deaths have been reported, while Almora has reported the death of six people, as reported by the newspaper ‘The Hindustan Times’. The authorities have reported that they are flying over the area to analyze the actual situation on the ground.

    Meanwhile, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has highlighted that 1,300 people have been rescued from the most affected areas thanks to the deployment of almost twenty teams in Uttarajand.

    As weather conditions improve, state authorities have allowed pilgrims set to reach Char Dham, the ‘four abodes’ of the gods, to continue their journey.

    Alex Dawit
    Alex Dawit
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