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    The concept of the Hindu nation of India includes the diversity of the country, claimed Mohan Bhagwat

    On Sunday, on the occasion of the foundation day of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Vijaydashmi, a small program was organized at Dr. Hedgewar Smriti Mandir Parishad, Nagpur. For the first time due to Corona, the event was organized with just 50 volunteers. Earlier this program was organized on a large scale and on open ground. In view of the coronavirus infection, a limited number of people were present in this program.

    Addressing the volunteers, RSS Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat spoke on issues such as Article 370, Ram Temple, Citizenship Law, Deadlock with China, and Corona. He accused the opposition leaders of antagonizing the country for political ambition.

    Article 370, Ramjanmabhoomi and Citizenship Amendment Bill

    He initially discussed the issues discussed before the onset of the coronavirus epidemic. He said that many of the earlier issues of the corona epidemic which had been the subject of discussion in the country were all buried. Article 370 was ineffective before Vijayadashami, whose process was completed in Parliament.

    Bhagwat said on Ramjanmabhoomi that after Vijayadashami, on November 9, the unambiguous decision of the Supreme Court had come with Ram Janmabhoomi, which made history. This was the unanimous decision of the country which was accepted with restraint by the people of the whole country.

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    He said that the Citizenship Amendment Act, which had created a ruckus across the country over the Citizenship Amendment Bill, was duly passed in Parliament. This amendment does not oppose any religious community. But opponents created such an environment, the number of Muslims in the country does not increase, so this law has been made.

    Government alert in Corona case

    Mohan Bhagwat has said that India has done a better job than other countries in fighting the coronavirus epidemic. The government was aware of the Coronavirus fight. The destructive effect of this epidemic is less visible in India than in other countries. The administration had informed people before considering the cause of the outbreak of Corona and how to prevent it. This situation was described excessively so that the fear of the people increased and the advantage was that people became more careful.

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    China considers India’s friendship as a weakness

    Mohan Bhagwat praised the Indian government’s attitude towards China and warned China not to think of India as weak.

    Bhagwat said that China has encroached on India’s borders in the pride of its strategic force. India reacted with an effective response this time. Now China will try to answer this, so we have to keep improving strategic and diplomatic relations. Neighboring countries have been associated with us for years and are of similar nature, we should bring them closer. China is mistaking our friendship as a weakness. He thinks that India can be tilted but her misconception must have gone away.

    While talking about China itself, Bhagwat targeted the opponents. He said that it is in democracy to think about getting power even when out of power. People try to get power but they should also have a conscience. If our behavior creates bitterness in society, then it is not politics. In the process of doing this, many people ignore the law against the Constitution, which Bhimrao Ambedkar called the grammar of anarchy. The country will have to avoid chaotic elements and society will have to learn that such people only spread illusions.

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    Hindutva is not just a word

    Bhagwat said that Hindutva is a word whose meaning is only being associated with worship, but the word is an expression expressing the identity of its country, its tradition, and all its wealth. It is not only a derived word of a province, is not a word of any caste, nor is it a prize for a language. When we say that India is a Hindu nation, there is no political concept behind it, it is not that there will be no one in this country other than Hindus. The term includes people of all caste, religion, and class.

    He said that our small identity is from our diversity. There were some in this country already and many people came from outside and joined us. Hindu thought accepts and respects such variations. But many consider this diversity to be isolation.

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