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    Modi-Mehbooba meddled up on the Kashmir issue, having a different approach but the strong footing

    On 5 August 2019, the Modi government repealed Article 370 from Kashmir. So that the status of the special state that Kashmir got was also ended and Jammu and Kashmir were divided into 2 union territories. After this hundreds of leaders including Mehbooba Mufti and 2 former Chief Ministers were taken into custody. Later, the Public Safety Act was also imposed on him.

    The government released her after nearly 14 months ending her detention this month. After which she has been continuously attacking the government. In a press conference on Friday, the decision of the Government of India was called a dacoity. She said that till the people of Jammu and Kashmir get their flag back, we will not raise the Indian flag either.

    According to Mehbooba Mufti, the decision to end the partial autonomy of the state and remove the status of the state and divide it into 2 union territories has caused a lot of mental shock to the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir. Mufti said that when the government fails to handle the economy, it targets the minorities and Kashmir. The Modi government has failed to resolve the essential matters of the country.

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    She also said that the BJP government is trying to discredit the pro-India politics in Jammu and Kashmir but the people of Jammu and Kashmir have stood firm. My party is also clear in this matter, except for some people who have gone astray.

    Mehbooba Mufti said that her father Mufti Saheb had dreamed of a peaceful solution to the Kashmir problem. The Kashmir problem needs to be resolved. This problem has led to other problems like the Indo-China border dispute in Laddakh. The Government of India understands that the people of Kashmir can be sacrificed.

    She said that till 5 August 2019, India had legitimate control over Jammu and Kashmir. But by insulting the Kashmiris, they proved that they want only the land of Jammu and Kashmir and not the people. Lakhs of people have sacrificed their lives for peace and respect, their sacrifice will not go in vain. We have a political fight to bring back the constitutional autonomy of the state and this fight will go a long way. All political parties are together on this issue. Now the people of Kashmir should also unite. We will fight this battle together. If the government does not resolve the issue of Kashmir then its consequences will be very serious.

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    Issue of flags

    In August last year, after the removal of Article 370, the flag of Jammu and Kashmir was removed from all government buildings, including States Civil Secretariat. Under this article, Jammu and Kashmir were allowed to keep a separate flag.

    In the press conference, Mehbooba Mufti said that “we will raise the tricolor only when the flag of Jammu and Kashmir is allowed to be hoisted. We will not raise the Indian flag until we get our flag back. The flag of Jammu and Kashmir kept our relationship with the tricolor.”

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    Prime Minister upholds his decision

    Assembly elections are going to be held in Bihar, rallies are being held. While addressing his first rally in Bihar today, he made it clear that the government will not back down on the Jammu and Kashmir issue.

    Addressing the people of Bihar, Narendra Modi said that the decision to remove article 370 has been taken and some people are saying that the decision of 370 will be withdrawn if they come to power. The people of Bihar remain confident that the country will not back down from its decision.

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