NewsIndiaIndian democracy is going through its most difficult phase: Sonia Gandhi

    Indian democracy is going through its most difficult phase: Sonia Gandhi

    Congress President Sonia Gandhi lashed out at the Modi government on Sunday. Sonia Gandhi accused the Modi government of working in three agricultural laws, dealing with the Covid-19 epidemic, the state of the economy, and alleged atrocities against Dalits. According to him, Indian democracy is going through its most difficult phase.

    During the chairmanship of the meeting of the Congress general secretary and state in-charge, Sonia Gandhi accused the government. Last month, there were organizational changes in Congress. This was the first time that Sonia Gandhi presided over the general secretaries and state in-charge.

    Agricultural law, black law

    Sonia Gandhi has declared three agricultural laws implemented by the government in the hall as ‘agricultural law, black law’. He has alleged that the Modi government is trying to end whatever benefits were gained from the ‘Green Revolution’. He said that this government wants to hand over the rights of citizens to the hands of some capitalists.

    Surrounding the government on agricultural laws, the Congress President said that the BJP government is attacking the foundation of India’s agro-based economy with these laws. Recalling the talk of Mahatma Gandhi, he accused the government that the livelihood of agricultural laborers, sharecroppers, tenants, small farmers, and small shopkeepers has been attacked by this law.

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    President Ram Nath Kovind has recently approved the three laws – Essential Commodities Amendment 2020, Farmer Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitations) Amendment 2020, and Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement of Price Assurance and Farm Services Amendment 2020.

    The government lost to Coronavirus

    At the beginning of her meeting, she surrounded the Modi government on the damage caused by the coronavirus epidemic. He said that in this epidemic, not only the laborers were forced to stumble but this government threw the whole country into the fire of the epidemic.

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    Sonia Gandhi said that we saw that the biggest exodus of laborers was seen so far due to lack of planning and the government remained a silent spectator. Narendra Modi, who claimed to have defeated Coronavirus in 21 days, has now turned his back on his accountability.

    The Congress President alleged that the Central Government has no strategy nor any solution against this epidemic.

    A bad state of the economy

    Sonia Gandhi claimed that the central government destroyed the economy created by the hard work of the citizens and the vision of the Congress government. The economy has never been in such a bad condition before today. Nearly 14 crore jobs were lost. The livelihood of small traders, shopkeepers, and laborers working in the unorganized sector were over. But the government is sleeping.

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    Sonia Gandhi also accused the government of violating the Constitution.

    The government under siege on Hathras issue

    Sonia Gandhi accused the government of the oppression of Dalits in the country and said that the BJP government is supporting the culprits. The safety of daughters is at stake in the country.

    He said that what religion is the Modi government following by suppressing the voices of the families of Hathras victims.


    Calling party general secretary and state in-charge, he said that the Congress organization is the name to face the challenges faced by the country. He has expressed confidence that his workers will work hard in this difficult time to fight the crisis faced by the country and will not let the wrong intentions of the BJP government succeed. A few days ago, Rahul Gandhi has also targeted the government on these issues.

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