NewsIndiaIndian army chief visits Nepal, bitterness between Indo-Nepal relations expected to end

    Indian army chief visits Nepal, bitterness between Indo-Nepal relations expected to end

    Relations between India and Nepal have not been doing well for the last few months. There was a lot of rhetoric against Nepal from India. The Prime Minister of Nepal was constantly indicating that he was more inclined towards China and was constantly making rhetoric against India. Meanwhile, Indian Army Chief Manoj Mukund Narwane has reached Nepal on a three-day visit. After this, it is being hoped that the relationship between the two countries will be improved again.

    Indian Army Chief visits Nepal

    Manoj Mukund Narwane is visiting Nepal under a special tradition. He will be honored with a special honor there. Every year the Indian army chief is called by the government of Nepal under a tradition. A special honor ceremony is held and the Indian Army Chief is awarded the honorary rank of General of the Nepali Army. This is not only from the Government of Nepal, but the Indian Government also honors the honorary rank of General to the Chief of Army Staff of Nepal. The tradition began in 1950. Under this, India and Nepal confer honorary rank of general to each other’s army chiefs.

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    Army Chief Narwane will stay in Nepal under this for the next 3 days, where the President of Nepal, Vidya Devi Bhandari will honor him with honorary rank.

    Hope to improve relationships

    The visit of Army Chief Narwane is expected to improve relations between the two countries. The border dispute between the two countries has been at a peak for the last few days. Even if it is a traditional tour in which the Indian Army Chief will be honored, but they may discuss the relationship between the two countries. Naravane and Nepal Army Chief are scheduled to meet on the tour, after which Narvane will address the students of an army college in Shivpuri, Kathmandu.

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    PM Oli has Met RAW chief a few days ago

    In May, amid the border dispute with India, Nepal released a map showing some areas of India in its territory. In Nepal’s map, the Lipulekh area was shown in Nepal, which was strongly opposed by the Indian government, and it was passed by the Parliament of Nepal, after which there was a long dispute about this map. PM Oli was also trolled by netizens in India.

    On October 22, PM Oli met Indian intelligence agency RAW Chief, Samant Kumar Goel. After which Oli was criticized by his party leaders. Former Prime Minister of Nepal, Pushp Kamal Dahal Prachanda called this meeting objectionable and inappropriate. Party leaders had alleged that no one was aware of the meeting. PM Oli’s meeting with Raw Chief Goyal lasted for 2 hours. Soon after, Nepal’s policy seemed to be changed. Prime Minister Oli tweeted an old map of Nepal in which the determination of the border of the two countries was correct.

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    During the border dispute between the two countries, Army Chief Narwane had made a statement that Nepal is doing all this at the behest of someone else. After the meeting with RAW Chief Samant Kumar Goyal, the border dispute with Nepal seemed to be almost over. After that, it is believed that now the visit of Indian Army Chief Narwane will prove to be ‘icing on the cake’ for the Indo-Nepal relationship. India has always kept both its hands open for Nepal, but China is constantly trying to establish its reputation by somehow provoking Nepal against India. Due to this, bitterness is sometimes seen in Indo-Nepal relations. But the cultural similarities of India and Nepal have always linked the two countries.

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