NewsIndiaIndia: The autocracy of the Modi government itself is brightening Rahul's image

    India: The autocracy of the Modi government itself is brightening Rahul’s image

    After the Hathras incident, the government may be thinking that the opposition has forgotten the agricultural law and the agitation will calm down. But Congress leader Rahul Gandhi does not seem to be in the mood to leave the issue so easily. Rahul Gandhi has been trying to surround the government through the tractor movement in Punjab for the last 2 days. Today, Rahul Gandhi fiercely targeted the government while talking to journalists in Patiala.

    PM and government criticised on the Hathras incident

    During the press conference, when questioned about the hustle-bustle with him and Priyanka Gandhi in Hathras, he said, “We are public servants.” Our job is to serve this country, and if there is a push-up during this, we will bear it.

    He said that the real push has been given by the government to the families of Hathras. He was threatened with intimidation. I went to meet the family so that they do not feel that they are alone in this sorrow.

    Rahul said the entire family was targeted by the Uttar Pradesh government. The whole country is watching what is happening in Hathras but Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not say a word about it.

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    Farmers’ slavery through agricultural law

    The Congress leader alleged that due to the agricultural law, farmers will remain slaves of power. This law is an attack on farmers. This is destroying the existing structure of food security.

    He said that the Modi government first brought demonetization, then GST and now it has brought about agricultural laws. Through all these, farmers and the poor are being attacked. But the Congress party will stop these attacks and keep fighting against it.

    Prime Minister does not understand the law said, Rahul

    Rahul said that I do not think that the Prime Minister himself understands this law. In the coming 6 months, there will be no employment nor food system, because the entire system will be broken.

    He said that the government is making way for Adani-Ambani. My words will be made fun of as always. Today the number of mandis in the country is small and if this fort is destroyed, then the farmer will not be left.

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    Modi is afraid of both journalists and China

    The Congress leader, while targeting the government on the ongoing border dispute with China, said that China has occupied 1200 square km of land in India. China knows that Narendra Modi is only engaged in saving his image. People who talk about Bharat Mata are selling the land of Bharat Mata. Prime Minister Modi is afraid of both journalists and China.

    Kheti Bachao Yatra organized by Congress

    Rahul Gandhi was seen driving a tractor during the Kheti Bachao Yatra organized by Congress in Punjab. The special thing was that he had many senior leaders including Harish Rawat on the tractor.

    Congress ready to fight agricultural law

    It is believed that in some Congress-ruled states, special sessions can be convened to pass such bills that will repeal the agricultural law. This is being done under the direction of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, in which she has considered passing a law that outrightly rejects anti-agricultural laws that infiltrate the authority of states. Experts believe that there are ways to deal with these laws at the state level.

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    There is no doubt that the people of the country have been turning away from Prime Minister Modi for the last few days. His popularity has declined significantly. In the past too, people took a lot of targets through the digital strike. Especially the youth are getting irritated with them for not getting employment. Every day the Prime Minister is seen trolling for some reason or the other.

    Rahul Gandhi is trying to take advantage of this opportunity. At present, the government is on the back foot on the issue of Corona rising, unemployment, agricultural legislation, and Hathras. In such a situation, Rahul Gandhi has a chance to change his old image as a good hope.

    Sometimes it seems like Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi are presenting themselves like each other. Even from here, Rahul Gandhi’s paths are not easy, if the Modi government simplifies his path with his failures, then the matter is different.

    Sanjay Khan
    Sanjay Khan
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