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    India: Is this right time Mr PM to inaugurate World’s longest tunnel during Corona!

    When the whole country was expressing its anger on the Hathras case on social media and various platforms. At that time Modi Ji was waving his hand in an empty tunnel. Narendra Modi went to inaugurate a tunnel in Rohtang. After the inauguration ceremony, PM Modi attended a public event in Lahaul Spiti’s Shishu and Solang Valley. This tunnel is special in many ways and is also very important for India from a strategic point of view.

    Why the tunnel is so special?

    The Atal tunnel is the longest highway tunnel in the world and this 9.02 km long tunnel will keep Manali connected to the Lahaul Spiti Valley for whole years. Earlier, the valley was cut off from the rest due to snowfall for 6 months. It is built at a height of around 3000 meters above sea level with state-of-the-art features.

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    Due to this channel, the distance between Manali and Leh will be reduced by 46 kilometres. It will have a fire extinguisher every 60 meters and a telephone every 150 meters. There is an emergency exit facility every 500 meters and there is a diversion every 2.2 kilometres. It is equipped with CCTV cameras, a broadcast system, and an accident detection system every 250 meters. The horseshoe shape makes this tunnel extremely attractive.

    Tactically strengthened Indian Army

    This will make the army less time to reach the border and it will also be easier to transport military goods during the snowfall. The South Portal of Atal Tunnel is located at a height of about 3060 meters, 25 kilometres from Manali. The northern end of the tunnel is located at an altitude of 3071 meters from the Lahaul valley in the Telling village of Sisu.

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    Why irrevocable tunnel?

    The government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee had decided to construct this important tunnel under the Rohtang Pass. On 26 May 2002, Atal Bihari Vajpeyi laid the foundation of the contact route on the southern portal of the tunnel. In December 2019, the Modi government decided to name the tunnel as the Atal Tunnel in honour of the former Prime Minister.

    Prime Minister Modi trolled for the inauguration

    Although Modi supporters were quite happy with this inauguration, Prime Minister Modi was trolled on the same social media. The trollers argued that PM Modi was waving his hands in the empty tunnel. In another picture, Modi was seen with a light on his face. People also made fun of his camera love. Since then inauguration, photos, and videos of Prime Minister Modi have been circulated on social media.

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    Anyway, the whole country is on fire due to the rape of a daughter in the country. But the Prime Minister of the country is giving a speech by inaugurating a tunnel. Significantly, Prime Minister Modi has not yet met the families of the victims of the Hathras case.

    In such a situation, not only the opposition, but the public also does not look happy. The Prime Minister is known for inaugurating the schemes laid foundation stones in earlier tenures only. Adding another scheme to this list may be bad news for Modi. Although the opening of the Atal Tunnel is very important for the whole country in many ways.

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    Sanjay Khan
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