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    India: Fake TRP scam – Counterattack of Maharashtra government on the dock media

    Indian Journalism is known as the fourth pillar in India, although this fact is not written in the Constitution. But if you look at the activities of Indian media these days, you will find that this column is hollow. I do not know how much journalism is left in India, but the condition of journalists is much better. They are living a great lifestyle.

    On Thursday, Mumbai Police Commissioner Paramveer Singh held a press conference in which he talked about increasing the TRP by manipulating the BARC(Broadcast Audience Research Council) India device. He also named some channels in it, including Republic TV.

    What did Paramveer Singh say?

    Mumbai Police Commissioner Paramveer Singh on Thursday revealed that 3 channels were increasing their TRP(Television Rating Point) by luring some people from 400 to ₹ 500 every month. The scam was disclosed by Mumbai Police during the interrogation of some people. However, the complaint about this case was made by the agency that described TRP as BARC itself. According to sources, the Mumbai Police has significant evidence of this. After this, the rating agency BARC has also issued a statement welcoming the investigation in this case and also said that all possible help in the investigation.

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    Why Republic TV vs all media channels?

    Republic TV has not had many days in the market. In the Sushant Singh Rajput case, Republic TV had overtaken all channels by a very large margin. The Republic TV took its TRP to the top by adopting very unusual tactics. In such a situation, it is bound to be seen by all media channels. According to the people of the intellectual class, the anchor of Republic TV, Arnab Goswami, does a very low level of journalism. Arnab gives more importance to the propaganda news of the Modi government, due to which he has been awarded various types of adjectives. Despite all these things, it is natural to see everyone after bringing maximum TRP.

    The condition of other channels in India

    Most of India’s media channels are referred to as dock media. Dock media is said to be the channels that do their work sitting in the lap of the government. From this point, the position of the media of India can be gauged. All channels are taking their time in praise of the government.

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    Some channels that monitor the government’s activities and claim themselves to be impartial are accused of being anti-government. Overall, all channels remain representative of the Indian public, either totally towards the government or the opposition.

    Government of Maharashtra vs Republic TV

    It is also interesting that why is Mumbai Police interested in this TRP scam? In the Sushant Singh Rajput case, Republic TV had fiercely targeted the Maharashtra government. Throughout the episode, Arnab Goswami dragged the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and his son. Arnab even made personal comments in that matter.
    The Maharashtra government is upset with Arnab Goswami for the same case. This investigation is considered to be the counterattack.

    We can ascertain the position of the media from the fact that the media is atoning for all the sins of the government. The country in which the media should have questioned the government by showing an eye, while the media has just become a preacher sitting in the government’s lap.

    The situation becomes more serious when the rest of the media channels take out campaigns against the Republic TV. All channels were racing on the same track, Republic TV won. The rest of the media channels speak on this issue as if a sinner is preaching on sin and virtue.

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    If you see the prime time shows of all media then you will get an idea of ​​irony. In a country where millions of problems are booming, the world is facing an epidemic and the government is moving towards a dictatorship, there are issues of Pakistan to run the prime time of channels.

    Once a leader of the opposition had told a BJP spokesperson to debate for 5 minutes without saying Hindu-Muslim and Pakistan. Would be surprised to know that he could not even speak 5 lines, sir. The position of Indian media is also the same. Without some issues on which they debate 24 hours, many channels will be closed. The government has every right to conduct a fair investigation and rein in such channels. But programs of a channel on this fake TRP scam is the most hilarious scam.

    Sanjay Khan
    Sanjay Khan
    Author of Awutar. He was born in India. Currently, he lives in Patna, India. He is pursuing his studies as a Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication. Besides which, he is a Certified Creative Writer who writes on multiple niches. If you want to contact her, send her an Email via: [email protected]



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