NewsIndiaIndia: Hathras gangrape case: “Who was on the burning pyre?

    India: Hathras gangrape case: “Who was on the burning pyre?

    On September 19, UP CM Yogi Aditynath announces that he will make India’s biggest and most beautiful film city near Noida. Official statements were made about how Uttarpradesh has interesting real stories for films.

    After a couple of days, a horrible story came in front of the whole world. On September 14, 4 people gang-raped a 19-year-old girl in the village of Chandapa area of Hathras district. The accused broke the woman’s backbone and also cut her tongue. The victim died during treatment in Delhi. All the four accused have been arrested.

    What is the whole incident?

    On September 14, about 500 meters from the house, a girl has been raped by four people from the same village. The accused were identified as Sandeep, Lavkush, Ramu and Ravi who hail from a higher caste. The same night, the girl was taken to hospital and placed on a ventilator in critical condition. The entire body of the girl was suffering from Reed’s fracture and was paralyzed. The girl’s tongue was not cut but there was a scar on it and she was able to speak. On 28 September, the girl was shifted to Safdarganj Hospital in Delhi, but the victim succumbed the next morning.

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    Police got suspicious

    Police are facing allegations that they did not do their work properly. The police did not initially take the case seriously. One of the four accused Sandeep was arrested on 14 September. Ram and Luvkush were arrested several days later. On 26 September, the fourth accused Ravi was arrested. Initially, the police registered a case of molestation and attempted murder but when the health of the girl improved slightly on September 22, the statement was recorded in the presence of a magistrate.

    The girl’s family kept pleading with the police but the police did not take any action on the rape case for 9 days. 9 days later, gang rape means IPC Section 376 D was added to the F.I.R. On September 29, when the victim succumbed, IG Piyush Moradia said that the rape has not been confirmed. And the biggest thing is that the police forcibly cremates the girl at around 2:30 pm on the night of 30 September without the presence of the family.

    Role and interest of opposition

    The opposition surrounded the government fiercely on this matter. Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who is going to meet the victim’s family, police tried to stop them on the Yamuna Expressway. During this, there was a debate between the Congress workers and the police, including Rahul Gandhi first, and then the matter reached a halt.

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    The UP police took Rahul and Priyanka into custody and took them to different places. No opposition leader is even allowed to enter the village. Due to the sensitivity of the issue, the opposition has been able to keep its points and for this reason, it was also successful in putting pressure on the government.

    Violence on Dalits is increasing rapidly in the country. The gang-rape victim was a Dalit girl, so the matter caught fire fast. Seeing the seriousness of the case, the UP police hurriedly cremated the dead body of the victim in the middle of the night. The family of the victim also started crying but the police did not listen to them and set the dead body on fire without Hindu custom has been done.

    When this news came out, there was a stir in the whole country. The police converted the village into a cantonment. Even the media was prevented from going. The phone of the family members was confiscated, they were monitored for even to the door of bathrooms. The family alleges that the accused is very powerful and influential, so the police are supporting them. This whole matter is raising doubts in the public mind.

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    The UP government, which claimed Ramrajya, slept on this matter as an Aquarius. On 2 October, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, while taking action, suspended five policemen, including DSP Inspector, SP Vikrant Veer of Hathras. Based on the SIT report, the police personnel involved in the case will have to pass the narco and polygraph test.

    But the government is not going to be cleaned so easily. The funeral pyre that the police lit at midnight was the pyre of the constitution, it was the pyre of the law, it was the pyre of public trust. The country in which many cases of rape are known daily, the hypothesis of Ramrajya in that country is also dishonest.

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    Richard Ferdinand
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