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    First phase of Bihar assembly completed, ethnic instability interfering in the voting estimate

    On Wednesday, the first phase of the Bihar assembly election was concluded. A total of 54.01% voting was held for 71 seats in this phase. However, in the 2015 assembly elections last year, the voting percentage was 54.75%. Because of the corona epidemic, it was estimated that the voting percentage would decrease this year, but this time the voting percentage was not very low compared to the last assembly election.

    Now the preparations for the second phase have started. Star campaigners of all political parties will be seen seeking votes among the public for the second phase of voting. On Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi compared Prime Minister Modi to Ravana, for which Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad targeted Rahul Gandhi.

    The highest and lowest turnout in the first phase

    This time total of 54.01% voting was done in the Bihar Assembly. Despite the fear of the Coronavirus, voters took an active part in this election. Despite the corona and compared to the last assembly election, there is no change in this election.

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    Banka recorded the highest turnout of 59.57% in the first phase. Last year too, there was 56.43% turnout. However, the Munger assembly constituency recorded the lowest turnout of 47.36%. It was 52.24% in the last election. The reason for the low voting in Munger is considered to be violence just one day before the voting.

    During the immersion of Durga Puja, there was a clash between the local people and the police. In firing many people were injured. The news of the death of a person came, due to which the people there were very angry with the administration. Its impact was seen on voting and this assembly constituency got the lowest turnout in the first phase.

    BJP and LJP is going to form the government together

    With the completion of the first phase of voting, Lok Janshakti Party chief Chirag Paswan has claimed that he will form the government with the BJP in Bihar after the results come out on 10 November. That is, the BJP-LJP alliance will form the government in Bihar.

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    In a conversation with ANI, Chirag said that “Nitish Kumar will not be able to remain on the Chief Minister’s post after November 10. From the way I am getting feedback, it is confirmed that Nitish Kumar will be impossible to continue as Chief Minister after the announcement of results. And in Bihar BJP and LJP are going to form a government together.”

    Chirag Paswan is currently the head of the Lok Janshakti Party and is an MP from Jamui Assembly. A few days ago his father the late Ram Vilas Paswan passed away, who was considered to be a very big leader of India. Chirag’s video has gone viral in which he is seen talking and laughing in front of his father’s picture and shooting for election campaign videos.

    Ravi Shankar Prasad’s counterattack

    In his election rally on Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi had commented on Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the farmers of Punjab burnt the effigy of Modi Ji instead of the effigy of Ravana on the occasion of Dussehra. He expressed grief and said that this is happening because the farmers are upset and the youth is angry.

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    On this, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the whole country respects the Prime Minister. The people of Bihar respect him, but Rahul Gandhi is commenting on a sponsored Ravana slaughter. This shows what their status has been reduced. Their political status is not so much that after speaking anything every day, no one even thinks of burning their effigy. This indicates that people do not take Rahul seriously.

    No conclusion can be drawn from the voting so far. Political parties appear to be completely unable to figure out which party is trending. Voting does not happen according to what is usually seen in Bihar elections. Bihar’s ethnic instability has a profound impact on the election results of Bihar. The first phase of voting has been completed but it is difficult to say anything.

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    Sanjay Khan
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