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    Explosion in the chemical warehouse of Ahmedabad, an increasing sequence of chemical incidents in India

    1984 is a year that every Indian would like to throw out of history. But it is impossible to forget this year even after wishing. On one hand, this year pushed the country into the fire of riots, on the other hand, the Bhopal gas tragedy on 3 December 1984 is marked as the biggest accident in the industrial history of the whole world. The number of people who have died from the Bhopal gas tragedy is in the thousands, and if you want to estimate the number of people affected by it, your soul will tremble. You can guess its magnitude by the fact that Bhopal has not been able to recover from this incident to date. You must be wondering why today this incident is mentioned?

    Even a small incident like Bhopal also shows pictures of the Bhopal tragedy dancing in front of the eyes. On Thursday, a chemical warehouse in Ahmedabad, Gujarat exploded, after which 9 people have died. Prime Minister Modi expressed grief over the incident and said that the authorities there are trying to provide all possible help to the affected.

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    Explosion due to fire in a chemical warehouse

    A chemical warehouse located on Pirana Plaza Road, an industrial area on the outskirts of Ahmedabad city, caught fire. After which the explosion occurred and a part of the adjacent building collapsed. There are reports of the death of 12 people in it and many people are feared injured. The NDRF team has reached the accident site and relief work is going on.
    An official there said that the fire personnel had reached the spot immediately with at least 26 vehicles as soon as the explosion was reported. So far 14 people have been taken out of the rubble and all have been rushed to the hospital. Concrete slab breaking machines are being used to remove people trapped in the debris.

    There was a clothes warehouse next to the chemical factory. The laborers working in it said in an interaction with journalists that the explosion was so severe that the walls of the warehouse were damaged and the people working in it were buried down. The owner of the warehouse alleged that this chemical factory had been run illegally.

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    The warehouse is believed to have caught fire due to a boiler burst. The Deputy Commissioner of Police has said that “the chemical warehouse collapsed due to the explosion, after which rescue work is going on. The investigation of the case has been started.”

    Prime Minister and Home Minister expressed grief

    On this matter, Prime Minister Modi tweeted that “I am deeply saddened by the incident in Ahmedabad. My condolences to the families of those killed in the accident. I pray for the speedy recovery of the injured. The authorities are helping all the affected people as much as possible. ”

    Amit Shah said that “The news of the fire in Ahmedabad’s warehouse is very sad. The local administration is trying to provide all possible help. Deepest condolences to the families of all the people who died in this accident. I pray for the early recovery of the injured.”

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    A similar incident was witnessed in May this year as well. Thousands of people fell ill and 11 people died due to gas leaks from a chemical plant in Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. The Styrene gas started leaking suddenly from the Hindustan Polymer Company’s plant. Due to exposure to this gas, people started complaining of eye irritation and chest discomfort. People fainted due to suffocation and started falling on the streets.

    On the whole, it means to say that such an incident is not new but the cause of these incidents is trapped inside the debris itself. In this case, also someone will be responsible. Now it is the responsibility of the government that this incident should be investigated at the earliest and the culprits should be punished. Giving compensation to the affected people and rescue operations after the accident does not complete the government’s duty. The owner of the clothes factory next to the warehouse has also alleged that the chemical warehouse was being run illegally.

    Sanjay Khan
    Sanjay Khan
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