NewsIndiaBihar Assembly Election: PM Modi named Tejaswi Yadav, 'Jungle Raj's crown prince'

    Bihar Assembly Election: PM Modi named Tejaswi Yadav, ‘Jungle Raj’s crown prince’

    Voting for the second phase of the Bihar Legislative Assembly is scheduled for November 3. Prime Minister Modi addressed 4 public meetings on the same day for the second phase on Sunday. The PM held election rallies in Samastipur, Chapra, East Champaran, and West Champaran. During this, he attacked the opposition on issues like reservation, CAA, Ram temple, and article 370. He has accused the opposition of creating an atmosphere of fear and confusion among the public. On Saturday, Leader of the Opposition Tejaswi Yadav covered 19 rallies in 1 day.

    Obstructions in building Ram temple

    This year the Supreme Court legally cleared the way for the Ram temple. Prime Minister fiercely targeted the opposition in West Champaran over the issue. Referring to the Ram temple, the PM said that “you must not forget those who were questioning the existence of Lord Rama and were obstructing the construction of the Ram temple. Continuously opposing the NDA for political selfishness, these people have no facts, nor any logic. They only know to take a finger on every step taken in the public interest. Their main aim is to create an atmosphere of fear and confusion.

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    The opposition is not sad over the Pulwama attack

    Referring to Pulwama, the Prime Minister said that when the soldiers of the country were martyred on the border, then the opposition opted for politics of power and selfishness. Tried to spread confusion in the country. Two-three days ago, accepting the truth of the Pulwama attack in the neighboring country, removed the mask from the faces of those who were spreading rumors after the attack.

    Without naming anyone, Modi said, “These people were not unhappy in the misery of the country. They did not feel sad even after the passing of the youth of Bihar. The entire nation along with Bihar is proud of the brave sons and daughters of the country, there is no doubt. But those who do politics of power and selfishness spread confusion, today they are seeking votes in front of the people of Bihar. These people also see their benefit in sacrificing the brave soldiers of the country.”

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    It is worth knowing that a few days ago, Fawad Chaudhary, Minister of Imran Khan Government, described the Pulwama attack in Pakistan’s Parliament as a major achievement of his government. Which Modi mentioned in his speeches.

    Article 370 and CAA

    Referring to Section 370, Prime Minister Modi said that even when Section 370 was removed from Kashmir, the opposition had said that there would be a fire in Kashmir and rivers of blood would flow. But peace in both the union territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh today is restored and is continuously moving on the path of development.

    He took the name of the opposition and said that when the Citizenship Amendment Act came, he tried to mislead the people of the whole country that the citizenship of many Indians would be lost. Today is going to be a year, how many people were taken out of the country, how many citizenships were taken away? These people have always proved their selfishness by scaring people and lying to them.

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    Double crown prince in Bihar

    Addressing the election meeting in Chapra, Prime Minister Modi said that while there is another ‘double engine government’, on the other side there is ‘double-double prince’. He pointed indirectly to Tejashwi Yadav that in this ‘double-double prince’ there is also a ‘prince of Jungle Raj’.

    He further said that it is not Modi but the people of Bihar and the strength of your vote that has made Narendra Modi in the center and Nitish Kumar in Bihar.

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    Sanjay Khan
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