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    Bihar Assembly Election: Nitish played his last bet for the last phase, Tejashwi and Chirag hit back

    The last phase of voting for the Bihar Assembly elections on 78 seats in 15 districts is to be held on 7 November. For this, all the leaders are addressing election rallies. In this sequence, while addressing an election rally in Purnia, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar made a statement that caught the attention of not only the entire state but the entire country.

    Nitish Kumar was campaigning for an NDA candidate contesting the Dhamdaha assembly seat in Purnia district. During the speech, Nitish Kumar said that “You should know, this is the last day of campaigning, and this will be my last campaign. This is my last election. All is well that ends well.”

    Soon after this, Nitish’s statement began to be discussed in the entire country and the video started being shared on social media and different reactions of people started coming. The churning of Nitish’s statement on news channels also continued. But some people believe that it is difficult to believe that he is right because of Nitish Kumar’s ability to stand on old statements.

    Tejashwi and Chirag taunted

    The main opposition party, Rashtriya Janata Dal President Tejashwi Yadav and LJP President Chirag Paswan have been taunted after Chief Minister Nitish Kumar announced the last election for himself.

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    RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav wrote from his official Twitter handle that “Nitishji was not ready to accept the aspirations, expectations as well as the ground reality of Biharis. We have been saying from the beginning that he is tired, And today he proved my point to be true by declaring his retirement from politics before the last phase.

    The same LJP president Chirag Paswan also issued a statement taunting Nitish Kumar on the announcement that “this is his last choice, this time he has not given the account of the last 5 years and has already told that the next time he will not come. Do not give your rights to people who will not come to ask for your blessings again tomorrow. In the next election neither Saheb nor JDU will remain, then from whom will we take account? ”

    Chirag appealed to the people of Bihar to say that every vote given to JDU will force your child to flee. We do not have to let them ruin our state anymore.

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    Nitish is constantly trying to woo the unemployed

    Addressing an election meeting in Katihar and Purnia on Thursday, Nitish said that “the youth do not have to move out of Bihar, so the Central Government has planned and cooperated. We have formulated a new industrial policy, which creates industry opportunities in the state.” Under this, it has been added to make more use of new technology and to train the youth. Right now employment opportunities will be created here so that the economic conditions of the people will be strengthened and no one has to go out under the helplessness of the employment. Recently there will be so many products that can be sent out. All the people will work together to help Bihar to reach new heights with the cooperation of the Center and the effort of the state.”

    Attack on Tejashwi Yadav’s promise of employment

    RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav has promised 10 lakh jobs to the youth. Taking a dig at it, Nitish Kumar said that some people do not understand how to work, just know how to speak. The circumstances in which the people of Bihar allowed us to work in 2005, it is not hidden from anyone. At that time, there was no education in school, medicine in the hospital. After the evening, people were afraid to leave the house. At that time the state budget was less than ₹ 14 thousand crores, which has increased to 2.18 lakh crores today. Bihar’s growth rate today is 12.8%.

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    She further said that whenever we got a chance to work, we developed with justice, we fulfilled our promise, curbed the crime, improved the economic situation, and respected women. After the Lantern era, when we got a chance, we have provided electricity to every house, along with providing electricity for irrigation, we have constructed toilets in each house.

    Referring to the government’s work for the welfare of women, he said that we have given reservation to women in panchayats and urban bodies. The reservation was also given to scheduled castes, tribes, and backward classes. Today, the representation of women in panchayats and urban bodies has increased. Women are given a 35% reservation in government services. Under Cycle Yojana, girls got a chance to read, now there is a Cycle scheme for boys also.

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