NewsIn the midst of war, the Zelenskys pose for Vogue

    In the midst of war, the Zelenskys pose for Vogue

    As the war in Ukraine enters its fifth month with no end in sight, the presidential marriage of Volodymyr and Olena Zelensky they posed for Vogue, under the camera of the favorite photogrher of models and Hollywood stars, Annie Leibovitz. The couple allowed themselves to be ctured on camera in a grotesque aesthetic that blended celebrity glamor with the horror of war. and there was repudiation.

    The Ukrainian First Lady, Olena Zelenska it was also magazine cover in its digital version, a place dedicated almost exclusively to models.

    He posed in what is supposed to be a “bunker” with marble floors and stairs and expensive carpets, but sandbags against the bombing. She sitting on the steps, and her husband, the president and guardian of Ukraine, with his back to the camera, guarding the entrance.

    Vogue interviews the Zelenskys

    Report and photo session

    Both posed holding hands, hugging. Another postcard shows the first lady clad in a blue coat. In the background, two female soldiers and the twisted iron left by the war. An almost ridiculous contrast, while military and civilian lives are being lost at the front.

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    “As the war in Ukraine enters a crucial new phase, the country’s first lady, Olena Zelenska, becomes a key player: a front-line diplomat and the face of the emotional toll her nation is paying,” Vogue noted this Tuesday to announce the launch of this special edition of its digital cover.

    The marriage granted the interview to the fashion magazine -a collaboration between the American and the Ukrainian edition of Vogue- in which they speak “of Life in times of warof their marriage and common history and of their dreams for the future of Ukraine”.

    Olena Zelenska

    The first lady poses in front of some remains at the Antonov de Hostómel airport

    “We have no doubts about our victory,” says Zelenska.

    “These were the most horrible months of my life and the life of every Ukrainian,” he adds.

    “We can’t wait to win. We have no doubt that we will prevail. And this is what makes us go forward,” he says.

    The Ukrainian first lady recently visited Washington, where she met with President Joe Biden, First Lady Jill, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

    In the US cital, she also addressed Congress, speaking to a bipartisan group of lawmakers as mother and daughter, not just first lady.

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    Zelenska showed the images of Ukrainian children killed by Russian rockets and called on US parliamentarians to provide Ukraine with more weons.

    Repudiation in the networks

    The visit aroused plause. But the interview with Vogue was a mistake. Social networks were quickly populated with rejection. Lidary comments and vomiting emoji.

    It was the photogrhs that caused the biggest stir. The first lady wears Ukrainian fashion, from designers like Bettter, Six, Hvoya, The Coat, Kachorovska and Poustovit.

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    On Twitter, some users pointed out how shocking they found the poses.

    “Only to me it seems a bit frivolous that the first lady of Ukraine is on the cover of Vogue talking about the war with a photo shoot included? It shocked me”wrote one user.

    “It turns out that Olena Zelenska, the Ukrainian first lady, has done a photo session for a report in Vogue and in some she goes out with Zelensky and they are great but at the same time in the middle of a war and to me this seems crazy”opined another.

    Another tweet read: “Vogue has managed to do what we least expect from a war: Annie Leibovitz has photogrhed Olena Zelenska in kyiv and the magazine has even collaborated with a Ukrainian stylist, Julie Pelipas. Had an armed conflict ever been featured in a fashion magazine before? ?”

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