NewsIn Estonia they install a monument to Zelenski in the shape of...

    In Estonia they install a monument to Zelenski in the shape of the statue of Liberty

    “Estonians’ support for Ukraine is unwavering: there are signs of it everywhere in Estonia,” the prime minister said.

    A monument to the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, made of sand and in the shape of the Statue of Liberty, has been installed in the Estonian city of Torva, the country’s Prime Minister Kaja Kallas announced on Tuesday.

    “Estonians’ support for Ukraine is unwavering – there are signs of it everywhere in Estonia,” Kallas wrote on his Twitter account.

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    The senior official pointed out that “the inhabitants of Torva created the Freedom Park dedicated to Ukraine with a monumental sand sculpture of President Zelensky.” She also added that citizens are “determined” to keep the statue in place “until Ukraine wins” in the conflict.

    Zelensky is depicted as the Statue of Liberty. However, instead of a torch in his right hand, he holds a clenched fist and in his left, a shield with an engraved trident.

    Meanwhile, the Estonian government is in charge of dismantling monuments erected during Soviet times. Thus, it was recently reported that the Estonian authorities allocated almost one million euros in 2022 to meet this objective.

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    Source: RT

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