NewsHungarian Foreign Minister: US positions itself as an "unfriendly ally" of Budapest

    Hungarian Foreign Minister: US positions itself as an “unfriendly ally” of Budapest

    “We are not willing to accept judgments and instructions from abroad. And the current Government [estadounidense] doesn’t like this,” said Peter Szijjarto.

    Washington is positioning itself as an “unfriendly ally” in its relations with Hungary, which looks out for its national interests above all, instead of following “foreign instructions,” Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said Sunday in an interview with a Dutch TV channel.

    “The current US government is positioning itself as, let’s say, an unfriendly ally towards us,” the foreign minister said. “We are not the ones who see the US as an adversary, because the US is a friend of Hungary. We are allies. But the current government is positioning us as adversaries“, he added.

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    The head of Hungarian diplomacy explained that these policies by the White House are due to Budapest’s refusal to obey directives coming from outside and its efforts to protect national interests.

    “We are a conservative, patriotic, right-wing government with a great desire to represent national interests and we are not willing to accept judgments and instructions from abroad. and the current government [estadounidense] doesn’t like this,” the foreign minister said.

    In addition, Szijjarto stressed that Hungary is “one of the few EU member states” that have decided not to supply weapons to the Kiev regime in order to prevent an escalation of the conflict, while Washington “outnumbers” the EU countries that are sending military aid to Ukraine.

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    Regarding the bilateral relations between Budapest and Moscow, Szijjarto stressed that Hungary “continues dialogue and rational cooperation” with Russia in the energy sphere, because “without Russia it would be physically impossible to supply the country with sufficient energy resources”.

    In this context, the minister added that Budapest’s interest “has been to have good relations” with the Kremlin, although after the start of the armed conflict in Ukraine, relations between the two countries have been limited.

    Source: RT

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