NewsHubble captures the collision of two galaxies

    Hubble captures the collision of two galaxies

    They are located 465 million light years from Earth.

    The Hubble space telescope, operated jointly by NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), managed to capture a celestial object called Arp 107, that includes a pair of galaxies in full collision and is located 465 million light years from Earth.

    Hubble captures a lonely galaxy 150 million light years from Earth

    The image shows that the galaxy on the left displays a large spiral arm with bright gas and dust visible around its core, while the one on the right has only a luminous center. They are linked through a kind of dim bridge also composed of star dust and gas.

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    The ESA explains that the first of these galaxies, called Seyfert, is one of those that are extremely energetic, because its galactic nuclei are very active. Furthermore, despite the intensity of the center, radiation can be observed throughout the galaxy.

    The photos were captured within the framework of a program aimed at better studying the bodies of a catalog of 338 objects, the Atlas of peculiar galaxiesintended to provide the public with images of these spectacular, undefined galaxies.

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    Source: RT

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