NewsHigh school students march in Chile against a "trigger easy" law being...

    High school students march in Chile against a “trigger easy” law being processed by Congress

    The mobilization coincides with the acts for the Day of the Young Combatant, which has summoned hundreds in Santiago, where incidents have been recorded.

    Students from various high schools in Valparaiso, in Chile, mobilize towards the headquarters of the Congress of the South American country, located in that port city, to express their rejection of the ‘Nain-Retamal Law’ that is being processed in Parliament.

    The mobilization also occurs within the framework of the Day of the Young Combatant. Disaffected have dubbed the bill as “trigger easy”since it would presumably favor Carabineros.

    As they advanced towards the headquarters of the Congress, the students they were suppressed by the security forces, as reported on social networks.

    The bill that the students oppose was approved in the Chamber of Deputies of Congress this Wednesday and will now continue its legislative process in the Senate.

    The regulation is the merger of two projects, the “Nain Law” and the “Retamal Law”. First increases the penalties for crimes committed against Carabineros officials, the Investigative Police and Gendarmerie; while the second establishes the privileged legitimate defense in actions related to the exercise of the police function, Cooperative review.

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    The debate takes place in a scenario marked by the murder of two Carabineros agents during March. One of the cases, which occurred last weekend, was that of Rita Olivareswho was murdered early Sunday morning during a police procedure in the Quilpue commune.

    Demonstrations in Santiago

    The march in Valparaiso coincides with other mobilizations that take place in different parts of Santiago, also on the occasion of the Day of the Young Combatant and where slogans against the ‘Nain-Retamal Law’ have also been heard.

    In the Chilean capital there have been incidents between protesters and law enforcement, which have carried out strong repression, leaving at least 27 detainees at the moment, according to BioBio reports.

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    Source: RT

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