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    Hersh: Society in the US does not receive “the type of information it should”

    The journalist points out that most of the US media did not echo his investigation, which revealed that US divers placed the explosives under the Nord Stream.

    The well-known American journalist and researcher Seymour Hersh denounces that in the US society does not receive “the type of information it should receive”, neither on the conflict in Ukraine nor on other issues that are reported by the local media.

    “Right now there is little authentic journalism, journalism doesn’t work,” Hersh says in an interview with RT’s ‘Direct Impact’ program broadcast this Wednesday. In this sense, he asserts that “If you read The New York Times, you would think that the Ukrainian Army is doing pretty well”.

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    The researcher recalls that when he worked at The New York Times, “of nearly 800 articles, maybe 5% cited the sources, because you can’t find people from the community.”

    Likewise, the Pulitzer Prize winner points out that most of the US media did not report on his investigation, published last February, which revealed that US Navy divers had placed explosives under the Nord Stream gas pipelines in June 2022.

    Tucker Carlson and Fox News “immediately they informed” about the investigation, “but the other media did not,” he stresses. In this sense, Hersh points out that The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN and MSNBC did not echo her article.

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    According to the journalist, “in the US they know who did it [la voladura de los Nord Stream]. They know the president did it.” “Another way to put it would be to ask a question at a press conference, something that no reporter does,” he says.

    In addition, Hersh argued that former US President Donald Trump “scared a lot out of most of the more or less mainstream media.” “We’re in a really fun phase. It’s a post-Trump phase,” she concluded.

    You can see the full version of the interview here.

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    Source: RT

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