NewsHeavy rains and landslides in Brazil leave craters up to 70 meters...

    Heavy rains and landslides in Brazil leave craters up to 70 meters deep (VIDEO)

    At least 27 families had to be evicted due to the danger of a collapse.

    The heavy rains that have fallen in recent days in the Brazilian state of Maranhão have caused craters that reach 70 meters deep and 500 meters long in the municipality of Buriticupu. There, due to landslides, 27 families were forced to leave their homes, the G1 portal reported.

    According to the Fire Department, people withdrawn from risk areas are receiving assistance from public authorities.

    According to the Biriticupu town hall, the problem has been affecting the area for decades. In previous years, 50 houses were ‘swallowed’ by the craters, known as ‘vocorocas’ (term derived from the Tupi-Guarani language), a geological phenomenon that occurs in areas where vegetation is sparse and no longer protects the soil. With this, heavy rains make the terrain even more susceptible to landslides.

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    The deforestation of sloping areas favors this type of erosionsince it leaves the soil more exposed to rainwater.

    According to the Maranhão Military Fire Department (CBMMA), six people died, and 5,843 were left homeless and were displaced in the state.

    Source: RT

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