NewsHe climbs the Neptune fountain in Florence for a photo and causes...

    He climbs the Neptune fountain in Florence for a photo and causes thousands of dollars in damage (VIDEO)

    The uncivil young man, 22 years old, will pay a “heavy fine,” said the mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella.

    A german tourist caused damage to the Fountain of Neptune, a famous monument located in the central square of the city of Florence (Italy), after climbing and perching on its structure to take a photograph, local authorities indicated.

    The incident happened in the early hours of Monday morning and was recorded by City Hall video surveillance cameras. As can be seen, the individual crosses the fence that surrounds the fountain and jumps to the base of the chariot that holds the god Neptune. From there he is photographed by two people who were waiting for him outside. He then jumps back and retreats.

    Although the site alarm sounded, the three involved already they had disappeared. However, the study of security recordings made it possible to identify the vandal, who was arrested and charged for crimes related to “destruction, dispersion, deterioration, disfigurement, contamination and illicit use of cultural or landscape assets.”

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    Although the mayor of Florence, Dario Nardella, had indicated Initially that the Neptune had not suffered damage, art experts came to a different conclusion. The weight of the subject and his footsteps caused a detachment in the stucco of several sections of the fountain, which had undergone restoration work in 2018. “The damages amount to 5,000 euros (about $5,300)“, stressed the City Council.

    Nardella assured that the German, 22 years old and resident in Berlin, will pay a “large fine”, without specifying the exact amount. “There is no justification against vandalism of cultural property,” she said.

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    Source: RT

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