NewsHe accused Joe Biden of sexual assault and is now taking refuge...

    He accused Joe Biden of sexual assault and is now taking refuge in Russia: the Tara Reade case

    He denounced it during the 2020 campaign. Three years later, he is seeking Russian citizenship and again waving the accusation from Moscow.

    Tara Readethe woman who accused the US president of sexual assault in 1993 when he was a senator and she a member of his team, is in Russia where he just deserted. Reade is accompanied by Mariia Butina, the former Russian agent deported from the US and today a deputy from Vladimir Putin’s party.

    It is an amazing scene. Tara Reade, 59, pears on Russian TV and gives a press conference. She goes back on her complaint. And she says live that in 1993 Joe Biden sexually assaulted her on Citol Hill.

    These accusations, never corroborated by the slightest evidence, did not lead to a trial. There never will be, because Reade decided to move to Russia, where will ply for Russian citizenship.

    Tara Reade. Photo: AP

    He says he arrived in Moscow just as a tourist, but that she had felt “safe for the first time in a long time.” She adds that he feared for his integrity in his country and he says that even the Trumpist elected representative from Florida, Matt Gaetz, told him that he could not guarantee his safety in the United States.

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    By her side, because she accompanies her and in fact supports her, is Butina, known for having served a sentence in the United States for espionage.

    Butina acknowledged being a Russian agent, infiltrating the NRA, the pro-arms lobby in particular, to get closer to ultra-conservative circles and establish relations with the Donald Trump campaign. It was under the mandate of the former president when she was deported to her country of origin.

    Mariia Butina, prisoner in the United States.  Then she was returned to Moscow.  Photo: AFP

    Mariia Butina, prisoner in the United States. Then she was returned to Moscow. Photo: AFP

    Butina used sex and deceit to influence his connections, mostly in the conservative circle of the United States and powerful figures in the National Rifle Association.

    The Butina-Reade duo on Russian TV sounds like Kremlin fall rhetoric.

    A complaint in full campaign

    Reade’s sexual assault complaint against Biden managed to shake up the electoral campaign in a country that was already suffering the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic.

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    Reade’s complaint, about an alleged abuse committed 27 years ago, broke out when he barely six months to go for the 2020 presidential elections.

    Tara Reade.  Photo: courtesy Tara Reade

    Tara Reade. Photo: courtesy Tara Reade

    “Tara Reade deserves to be heard, and the voters deserve to hear her. They also deserve to listen to Joe Biden,” The Washington Post wrote at the time.

    According to the woman’s version, she he was alone with Biden in the halls of Congress. Without an “exchange of words”, the then-senator “put her against the wall” and “fingered” her while he kissed her.

    Then I would have asked him if he wanted to go somewhere else. Seeing her upset and faced with her refusal to go further, Biden would have told her “come on, I heard you liked it.” But since she refused he let her go.

    Biden: “That never hpened”

    Biden publicly defended himself against the accusations. And in a statement he reported: “They are not true, that never hpened.”

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    Biden asked the National Archives to release any records of the complaint. “There is only one place where such a complaint could exist: the National Archives,” she said in the statement.

    “The National Archives is where the records of what was then called the Office of Fair Employment Practices are kept. I request that the Secretary of the Senate ask the Archives to identify any records of the complaint that she alleges you filed and make that document available to the press. If ever there was such a complaint, the record will be there he added.

    Curious (or perhs not so curious), more than three years later and when the electoral climate warms up again in the United States with a possible new Biden-Turmp presidential duelTara Reade again wave her complaint, but this time under the clear protection of Moscow.

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