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    German police expel Greta Thunberg from protests against the eviction of a village to extract coal

    “The science is clear, we need to keep the coal underground,” the eco-activist told media in the town of Lutzerath.

    The climate activist Greta Thunberg was found and evicted this Sunday by the German authorities after appearing unexpectedly in the town of Lutzerath, in western Germany, as part of the protests against the evacuation of the town to extract coal, collects Bild.

    According to the outlet, the 20-year-old Swedish woman, accompanied by other 70 activists, it reappeared in Lutzerath, whose buildings had been evacuated. The group was seen running through a field where police officers were deployed.

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    Half an hour after being surprised, Thunberg was in the field with 10 other activists, but the police managed to block them the road and keep them away from the coal bed. The group finally left the place, heading on foot towards a nearby town.

    Thunberg, one of the leading voices in the fight against climate change in recent years, was captured laughing as two officers forcibly removed her from the field.

    “The science is clear, we need to keep coal underground”said the young woman, who was also seen dancing and singing with other activists during an impromptu demonstration last Sunday, reports Reuters.

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    Previously, Thunberg had stated that she planned to join demos showing “what the power of the people looks like and what democracy looks like”alleging that “when the Government and companies act like this, destroying the environment, people step up“.

    According to the Police, since the beginning of the evacuation, 12 arrests have been made. More than 70 police officers were injured and 9 activists were taken to hospital with minor injuries. However, the organizers of the demonstrations assure that several activists have been seriously injured.

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    In the protests, some 30 service vehicles were damaged and 32 police patrol tires punctured.

    Source: RT

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