NewsGabriel Boric calls not to confuse "all migrants with criminals"

    Gabriel Boric calls not to confuse “all migrants with criminals”

    “The fight against drug trafficking will not be easy, but we will fight without truce,” said the Chilean president from the Arica and Parinacota region.

    The president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, called this Thursday not to discriminate against migrants in the midst of the security crisis that the country is suffering, after being consulted about a controversial decision by the Prosecutor’s Office to request preventive detention as a precautionary measure against detainees ( nationals and foreigners) whose identity cannot be verified.

    Let’s not confuse all migrants with criminalsThat is important to say, even if it is sometimes unpopular,” Boric said at a press conference. “We do not look at the person who migrates as an enemy, an adversary, but at the person who commits crimes as such.”

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    During the inauguration of a reservoir in the Arica and Parinacota region, the president emphasized that “migration itself is not a crime”. Likewise, he recalled that many times “people have to migrate” even for climatic reasons, such as lack of water.

    Last week, the national prosecutor of Chile, Angel Valencia, announced that all his colleagues will request the precautionary measure of preventive detention from Justice in cases in which a detained migrant does not have national identification documents.

    “Chile has the right and the duty to know who is in its territory (…) People who have entered the country irregularly have to be identified, and we are working firmly on that,” Boric stressed.

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    In this sense, he stressed that his Government’s strategy is, among other things, to strengthen border controls to recognize who enters through biometric records. “Measures that you have no doubt will give results”he sustained to applause.

    Regarding the security crisis, which shows the balance of three policemen who have died in recent weeks, the head of state pointed out that “crime does not appear in a year”and indicated that “the fight against drug trafficking will not be easy, but we will fight without truce.”

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    “Here we are doing things that have not been done for a long time and that is why I invite all political sectors to join this crusade, and not to try to take advantage of it,” he exhorted.

    Source: RT

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