NewsFranceFrance: Three people killed in Nice's Church, Notre Dame basilica

    France: Three people killed in Nice’s Church, Notre Dame basilica

    Nice Attack: In a brutal and heart-wrenching incident from France’s city, Nice, three people were brutally killed inside a church by a man in Nice’s church Notre Dame basilica. The incident has been referred to as a terrorist attack in the hear of Notre Dame Basilica.

    Among the three who were killed by a man carrying man was a woman who was beheaded by the accused. She became a victim of this brutal attack inside an attack. If the reports are to consider, the attack cut the threat of a woman, thereby taking her life.

    Fortunately, the attacker was soon detained by the law enforcement officers before he could create more nuisance. As per the information received from the sources, the attacker would now be accused of murder charges and would be appearing for his first trial very soon.

    In the meanwhile, the law enforcement officers have opened up a murder inquiry to investigate further about this incident. The name and other regarding the attacker have not been released by the officers yet. It is believed that the details regarding the attacker are not revealed as it might create panic in the city.

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    Nice Mayor Revealed Details Related To The Attack

    Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi condemned the attack and said that this was among the most brutal and shocking attacks the city has witnessed in years. He further gave some details regarding the attackers.

    He said that the attacker was continuously shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ that translates to ‘God is Great.’ He shouted these words while he was being forcefully detained by the police officials who arrived at the scene.

    Mr. Estrosi further stated that one of the victims of this brutal attack was working as a caretaker at the basilica. After an inquiry was conducted and witnesses were questioned, it was known that the worshippers were present on the church’s campus at the time of this brutal attack.

    Certain worshippers were able to raise the alarm with the help of a special kind of protection system used in the city. That is the reason the attacker was detained shortly after he injured and killed three people. Otherwise, it could have been even worse.

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    Interior Minister’s Appeal To People

    The interior minister of Nice, France has appealed to the residents of the city to avoid visiting the area that was attacked. He further said that he would convene a rising meeting at the ministry of Paris where everything related to the attack would be discussed in detail. France’s President Emmanuel Macron would also visit the scene later on Thursday.

    France’s Prime Minister, Jean Castex was a part of a meeting held in the National Assembly where one minute silence was held to condemn this brutal attack. He further gave some measures to fight Covid-19 that is spreading like wildfire in most countries.

    The French Council of the Muslim Faith also condemned the brutal attack that took place in the church. They spoke many things related to the attack and spoke of its solidarity with the victim and their family members.

    This attack is followed by another attack that took place in a school in North-West Paris. A teacher. Samuel Paty, at Conflans-Sainte-Honorine school, was beheaded for showing some cartoon of Prophet Muhammad to her students. The cartoons were considered controversial by some people, as a result, she was beheaded.

    This incident has again created a situation of panic in the city. It is believed that France’s government’s decisions against Radical Islam have angered countries like Turkey and many more.

    Let us hope that everything comes at peace. No religion is good or bad. Rather it’s one perception of how he/she sees and observes things. Fringe elements are present in every religion, and just because of these people, the whole religion should not be blamed.

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