NewsFrance drops Corona requirements

    France drops Corona requirements

    Conditions imposed during the corona pandemic have been lifted for trips to France. Proof of vaccination protection, a negative test or the recovered status is no longer required as of this Monday. At the turn of the month, a whole series of special rules for the fight against the corona virus were lifted in the popular holiday country.

    So far, travelers entering the country either had to be fully vaccinated or be able to show a current negative corona test. For travelers from the European Union and some other countries, proof of a recently recovered infection was also accepted. This is now usually no longer necessary. However, if dangerous virus variants occur, the government can order that travelers must present a negative test before boarding a plane to France.

    Austria cancels quarantine obligation

    In Austria, the quarantine obligation will no longer apply from this Monday. Anyone who has tested positive for the corona virus but does not feel sick will be able to leave the house in the future. However, those who test positive must wear an FFP2 mask – unless they are outdoors and can keep a distance of two meters from other people. It is therefore also possible to work with a positive test – but only in professions in which a mask can be worn.

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    New Zealand opens borders to all travelers from abroad

    New Zealand has reopened its borders to all arrivals from abroad from this Monday. Citizens of all countries can now again apply for visas and travel to the country without having to stay in quarantine hotels for two weeks.

    A happy reunion with New Zealanders - like here at Auckland Airport - has been possible for EU citizens since May

    A happy reunion with New Zealanders – like here in Auckland – has been possible for EU citizens since May

    The New Zealand government decided in May to bring the opening of the borders to all travelers forward by two months in order to boost the economy – especially the ailing tourism industry. Travelers whose countries participate in the Visa Waiver Program have been able to re-enter New Zealand since May 1 without having to self-isolate. This applied to all EU member states, the USA and Canada, among others. Now people from other countries are allowed to return to New Zealand. The strict entry regulations imposed in March 2020 are considered one of the main reasons for New Zealand’s successful fight against the corona virus.

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    Source: DW

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