NewsFor the Chinese foreign minister "relations between China and the United States...

    For the Chinese foreign minister “relations between China and the United States are at their lowest level”

    Foreign Minister Qin Gang said this during a meeting in Beijing with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

    Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang declared during a meeting in Beijing with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken that relations between the two powers “are at at its lowest point since the establishment of diplomatic relations”.

    Qin pointed out that the state of bilateral ties “does not respond to the fundamental interests of the two peoples or to the common expectations of the international community,” the state channel CCTV reported.

    The Chinese foreign minister made “clear demands on China’s core interests and major concerns, including the Taiwan issue” to Blinken, who began a two-day visit to the Asian country today.

    Furthermore, Qin stated that “China’s policy towards the US has always maintained continuity and stability, and is fundamentally guided by the principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and cooperation” and that the Asian country is committed to building a “stable, predictable and constructive” relationship.

    Antony Blinken arrives in Beijing. Photo Reuters


    The foreign minister expressed his hope that Washington “maintains an objective and rational view of China, moves in the same direction, and handles unexpected eventualities calmly, professionally, and rationally.”

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    “Both parties maintained a long, frank, deep and constructive dialogue on the general relationship between China and the United States and other related important issues,” CCTV reported in a statement posted on its social media.

    The two delegations agreed “encourage the expansion of educational exchanges”“actively explore the possibility of increasing passenger flights between China and the United States” and “welcome more students, academics and businessmen to visit the other side.”

    For his part, Blinken invited his counterpart to visit the United Statess, the country in which Qin was ambassador before being promoted to chancellor at the end of 2022, and emphasized “the importance of diplomacy and keeping communication channels open in all areas to reduce the risk of miscalculation,” he said. the spokesman for US diplomacy, Matthew Miller.

    Blinken invited his counterpart to visit the United States, a country where Qin was ambassador.  AFP photo

    Blinken invited his counterpart to visit the United States, a country where Qin was ambassador. AFP photo

    The US foreign minister also raised “a number of issues of concern” with his Chinese counterpart, as well as “opportunities” on which Washington and Beijing can cooperate.

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    “The secretary made it clear that the United States will always defend the interests and values ​​of the American people and will work with its partners and allies to promote a vision of a free world that upholds a rules-based international order,” Miller explained.

    long meeting

    The meeting concluded this Sunday after 8:00 p.m. local time after being prolonged for five and a half hoursafter which both officials dined together.

    This Monday, the US official could meet with the director of the Chinese Communist Party’s Foreign Affairs commission, Wang Yi, or even with the president, Xi Jinping.

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    Blinken arrived in Beijing on the local morning of this Sunday, becoming highest ranking US official visiting China since the president of the North American country, Joe Biden, began his term in 2021, a period in which bilateral relations have continued to deteriorate due to commercial, geopolitical and economic tensions.

    In fact, Qin and Blinken exchanged reproaches this Wednesday during a telephone conversation that marked the first high-level bilateral contact in months and in which Qin asked the United States to cease its efforts to harm sovereign security interests and Blinken urged to Qin “keep the lines of communication open” to avoid a conflict.

    Blinken arrived in Beijing four months behind schedule. The downing of an alleged Chinese spy balloon over US territory last February caused the visit that he had confirmed that same month to be canceled at the last minute.

    Source: EFE and AP


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