NewsFive pilgrims die when part of a Shiite shrine collapses in Iraq

    Five pilgrims die when part of a Shiite shrine collapses in Iraq

    Rescue teams managed to save three children from the rubble.

    At least five people have lost their lives when the Shiite shrine partially collapsed Qattarat Al Imam Allocated near the Iraqi city of Kerbala, General Abdelrahman Jawdat, of the Civil Defense, confirmed to AFP.

    The tragedy occurred this Saturday due to a landslide. After more than 24 hours of searching, rescue teams found five bodies, including that of childnoted Jawdat, who argued that “could be the bottom line“of victims.

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    Civil Defense spokesman Nawas Sabah Shaker said earlier that six to eight pilgrims had been trapped under the rubble of the shrine. On Saturday, rescue teams managed to save three minors alive, all of them in good health.

    A landslide caused the collapse of part of the roof of the place of worship, which rose between the rocks flanked by two minarets.

    The search and rescue work for those trapped in the rubble was made difficult by the seriousness of the consequences of potential inappropriate movements, since, as Jawdat explained, “any mistake could cause more landslides.”

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    Located in a natural depression some 25 kilometers west of Kerbala, the Shiite shrine is dedicated to Imam Ali, son-in-law of the Prophet Mohammed who, according to Shiite beliefs, in 657 AD made a stop there with his army en route to battle. .

    Source: RT

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